CBD: The Do's and Don'ts

The ever-expanding, exciting world of CBD is constantly evolving and improving, but it can be confusing. There is certainly a great deal of CBD-related information available out there, but the ins and outs and other details can become blurred and leave you baffled. Website after website claim to have the latest and greatest findings about CBD, but how can you be sure what is actually true and who you can trust? Before you throw in the towel and give up on your CBD adventure, realize that while there is plenty to know, it does not have to be as intricate as you might anticipate or expect.

You can talk to CBD-using friends, family members, or co-workers about their specific experiences or even consult with experts to get the CBD scoop. What you will find is that everyone has a unique opinion and approach to the topic, and their own spin on how CBD is to be used most effectively. It is interesting to hear different perspectives and personal accounts, so take it all in and process accordingly as a teaching tool. But try not to get too frazzled when your brain is flooded with all this new CBD info. Because the deeper you delve in, the more likely you are to become discombobulated. It is almost like an education overload, with a seemingly endless stream of CBD material that either makes sense or seems strange.

What to do, who to believe, and which products to try (or avoid) are questions that are essential before you embark on your own CBD journey. That said, driving yourself nuts in order to sort things out for yourself is an exasperating approach. Your best bet is to keep things simple and straightforward. This is not brain surgery, after all. While you want to be careful and well-informed, you do not need to treat the CBD topic with too much TLC. As long as you pay attention to the basic dos and don'ts, you should have no problem forging ahead and hopefully finding your "happy place." A positive CBD experience is in the cards if you play them right.


  • Find a well-reviewed product – search online, go to specialty shops, ask around, and so forth.
  • Check the list of ingredients – you don't want fillers, unusual chemicals, flavorings, additives, etc. And know how much CBD is in the product you pick.
  • Ask people for recommendations – you surely already know plenty of people who swear by CBD and all it can do for the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Seek out samples – discover if you prefer to vape, use pills, oils, tinctures, edibles, etc.
  • Start small and don't go overboard - use the recommended dosage – if you require more, work your way up. Too much, too soon could be a shock to the system…or at least leave you feeling funny.
  • Talk to your healthcare provider – a professional recommendation is always a smart idea.


  • Buy a product that seems abnormally inexpensive – you get what you pay for, but sales and deals are always a welcome plus.
  • Overdo it – you don't need to have a CBD fix 24/7. Less can be more, so plan ahead and exercise portion control.
  • Take anything without making sure you are healthy and it won't interfere with medications you are presently taking. It is unlikely that CBD will have an adverse effect, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Give to your pets or children – while there are CBD products for pets, the dosage is different. And kids should not take CBD unless a doctor suggests it.
  • Worry you will become "addicted" or get high – this is not something CBD will do to your system.

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- Melissa A. Kay

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