4 Ways CBD Improves Women's Health

CBD is everywhere and this brief deep dive will explain just how women can benefit from the extraordinary cannabinoid.

As women, our bodies work differently than men's, though that's not always acknowledged. Finding ways to treat our individualized female health issues can be a pain, not to mention expensive. Because of these factors and more, it becomes unfortunately easy to neglect our health and wellbeing. Luckily, things are finally beginning to change.

CBD, a non-psychoactive compound within the cannabis plant, has been found to quite positively promote women's health and assist with female health issues. While this cannabinoid is not a cure for any ailment or complication, it can directly give us the support we need to get us back on track , and have us feeling like the best version of our womanly selves.

1. Works Directly with the Reproductive System

CBD has an extremely special relationship with the female reproductive system, with many women receiving unparalleled relief from the chemical compound. The reproductive system contains numerous cannabinoid receptors–--some of the most in our entire body–--making it incredibly susceptible to CBD's soothing properties.

When it comes to menstruation, CBD products have been on the rise to help provide pain relief, muscle relaxation, and digestive help–-- all of which are crucial during our time of the month. Menstrual cramps can be debilitatingly painful for some women, with pains that aren't easily alleviated with just regular painkillers. This is why products like CBD suppositories or CBD topical creams are highly recommended for women during menstruation, as they are able to directly target ovarian pain and provide concentrated relief better than typical Aspirin.

Even if you're not menstruating, the female reproductive system can bring about pain and discomfort from other complications. Endometriosis, for example, can cause chronic pains that can easily halt your daily routines and hold you back from accomplishing what you want. Polycystic ovary syndrome, too, causes extreme discomfort in the pelvic region that can be treated but never actually cured. At the very least, CBD is able to provide another option to women plagued by these chronic pains another option. With CBD, real relief is finally possible. As the cannabinoid works to regulate the cannabinoid receptors within the reproductive system, pains subside and living life the way we used to seems possible once again.

2. Balances Hormones

A huge role in your body's endocannabinoid system is to properly regulate hormones. However, hormone levels in women can easily be thrown off depending on what we're going through, and this can make us feel a whole range of unpleasant emotions. While CBD doesn't have the ability to completely balance your hormones on its own, it can work directly with your ECS to help your body either produce or halt the endocannabinoids it needs to maintain homeostasis.

For example, when we don't produce enough estrogen, it becomes more difficult for our bodies to burn calories, no matter how often we work out or eat healthily. During menopause, this is extremely common and can cause us to feel insecure and frustrated. CBD, however, has been proven to essentially "switch on" genes that directly relate to our metabolisms and hormone production. With this, controlling weight (along with our emotions) is just as easy as when we were younger.

3. Reduces Inflammation

As we touched on, CBD has significant pain-relieving properties, especially for those struggling with ovarian pains. But, how does CBD calm our muscles the way it does? Through its anti-inflammatory properties, cannabidiol can relax even our tightest muscles–--places throughout our body we didn't even realize were holding pain and tension.

When we undergo pain or discomfort, our body uses signaling molecules to tell our brain that we're hurt and to start the inflammatory response. One of the enzymes that play a huge role in initiating inflammation is that of COX2, and scientists are beginning to believe that CBD can actually help inhibit the production of such an enzyme. The less COX2 is produced, the lower the inflammation your body experiences. Thus, this all results in calm muscles, pain-free movement, and overall relaxation either throughout the body or directly on your area of pain.

These anti-inflammatory properties are ideal for women's health, as we put our bodies through extreme conditions more frequently than we realize. With PMS, childbirth, menopause, and so much more, our bodies deserve TLC whenever possible. Thankfully, it seems as though cannabidiol may be the perfect answer for our painful muscles after long, stressful days.

4. Great for the Skin, Hair, and the Rest of Your Beauty Routine

When you look good, you feel even better, and CBD can help us with that, too. Nowadays, more and more beauty products are being infused with CBD as the beauty industry begins to understand just how beneficial the cannabinoid is for skin, hair, nails, and more.

If you've noticed that your hair isn't as strong and voluminous as it used to be, CBD may be of assistance. Along with causing pain, inflammation can also halt the growth of new, healthy hair. Because CBD is a proven anti-inflammatory, it is able to promote hair growth and leave you with longer, more fortified hair. Not to mention, CBD hair products aren't difficult to find and typically smell great.

Your skin can also be greatly benefited from CBD, as redness, swelling, and dryness can all be combated through the cannabinoid's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Some studies have also suggested that CBD works to reduce sebum production in your skin, which can collect bacteria and clog pores, causing acne. If CBD can slow this production, pimples and blackheads don't stand a chance. When added to our self-care, CBD can leave us not only looking good, but feeling fantastic.

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