CBD Body Care to Nourish Your Largest Organ

CBD body care products calm and soothe the skin while also penetrating deep to ease muscle and joint pain. We've curated some of our favorites to get your pampered!

CBD body care products can pack a double-punch. They calm and soothe the skin while also penetrating a little deeper to ease muscle and joint pain.

What to Know When Choosing a CBD Body Product?

Body products containing CBD come in all kinds of forms, from rich oils and thick balms to light lotions, not to mention various scrubs and cleansers you can use in the shower.

When topical CBD products first became available, the main options for CBD body care were balms and ointments primarily intended for localized pain relief. While balms are great for small areas, they can be very greasy and a little gross when applied all-over.

These days, lotions and creams are often a better choice because they sink into the skin quickly and they don't leave greasy residue behind. They're easy to find, and they offer both the leave-on benefits of CBD and some moisturizing effects.

If you want a cream that will simply moisturize and slightly soothe your skin, a low amount of CBD will suffice, while for intense pain-alleviating effects, opt for a lotion with a higher quantity of the good stuff.

You can also find CBD in cleansers and scrubs, but those are going to be a little less effective since they aren't on the skin as long. Cleansers, especially, only stay in contact with the skin for a minute or two at most, so all of that precious CBD will go down the drain.

Scrubs are a little better because you can spend more time massaging them into the skin. You can even let them stay on the skin for 5-10 minutes, like a luxurious mask for the body.

Our Favorite CBD Body Care Products

This is our selection of the best CBD body products available online, with textures and CBD quantities to suit every need.

Kush Queen Renew Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub will soften and soothe your skin while removing dead skin buildup from any part of your body. It's a semi-dry scrub with a soft texture, but as you start rubbing it into the skin shea and jojoba oil will melt in, infusing your skin with moisture. Our tip is to leave it on for a bit, so the sugar will allow your skin to absorb water from your steamy shower and the CBD will take its effect. Once you're done, rinse it off. The water will get rid of the sugar granules, but some of the nourishing oil will stay behind.

Lored Jones High CBD Formula Body Oil

Rubbing oil into the skin is one of the most luxurious experiences a person can have…until you're left with greasy residue and a persistent sheen. That's not the case with this exquisite formula, which is made with light oils and glycerides that sink into the skin quickly, leaving behind a silky soft feeling. This body oil includes a respectable 100 mg of CBD, and it comes in a roll-on for targeted treatment.

Green Gorilla CBD Body Lotion

This is what we'd consider an anti-aging body lotion. Broad-spectrum CBD already has an anti-aging effect all on its own, but in this case it's boosted by two super antioxidants: CoQ10 and resveratrol. These ingredients can slow down the aging process by protecting the skin from free radicals, which are external aggressors that cause skin damage and collagen degradation. It's very lightweight, so it's awesome for anyone who doesn't like to feel greasy after moisturizing. Because it contains 250mg of CBD, we find it offers some mild relaxation effects.

Hempz Fresh Fusions Oriental Poppies & Blue Agave CBD Herbal Body Moisturizer

Hempz has been using hemp seed oil to make some of our favorite moisturizers for years now, so it's nice to see CBD added to their formulas. Their body creams always have incredible scents, with this one boasting the sweet floral scent of poppies and agave. It contains 300 mg of CBD, but it's quite diluted in the 8 oz bottle so you can expect mild soothing effects rather than extreme results.

Brown Girl Jane Whipped CBD Body Butter

This delicious body cream has a whipped texture that gives the skin intense moisture. It contains 400 mg CBD in a 4 oz tube, which can offer real pain relief. The rest of the formula is composed of sunflower oil and cocoa butter which help keep water in the skin, as well as some skin-soothing agents like calendula and chamomile.

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