Jim Belushi Enters Cannabis Business

Announces Partnership With Curaleaf + New TV Show

Another major actor has entered the cannabis industry, and in a BIG way.

Jim Belushi not only has his own strains, but he has an entire FARM named after him, and has been secretly forming partnerships with some of the biggest names in the game.

If that isn't impressive enough, Belushi also inked a deal to showcase his new cannabis farm on a Discovery channel show called "Growing Belushi."

Actor Jim Belushi On Set At Belushi FarmsGrowing Belushi

Growing Belushi

Jim Belushi is a man of many talents - actor, singer, dancer, and cannabis farmer. Follow Jim, his family, and the dedicated team at Belushi's Farm as they make their mark in the industry and spread the benefits of legalized marijuana in Growing Belushi.

You can catch up on all the episodes of the first season, offered via Discovery GO by clicking this link!

Belushi's Farm - A History Of How It Came To Be

It's been 12 years since I first came to the Rogue Valley. My dear friend John has a sprawling property one town over, in Shady Cove, that sits on the Rogue River. Our children were the same ages and in the same classes in Los Angeles and he invited us to join him for the weekend. We began to visit twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, as our families gathered around many activities.

I still recall that shocking and shivering moment as I first took a deep dive into the waters of the Rogue River. When I emerged, I felt as though I had been baptized. I saw the light! The river spirits had cleansed me and I immediately began the journey to find what this magnificent river had to offer.

My friends caretaker, Dennis, showed me many properties along the banks of the river before he finally suggested, "There's one other property you might either love or hate." It was 13 acres on the Rogue River with 1,800 feet of riverfront. At one time it was an old, run-down Elks Lodge picnic grounds. There was a stage there, which really peaked my heart. There was also a huge outdoor barbecue pit with a kitchen, many little outbuildings, a 1950's porcelain trough urinal in the mens room (reminded me of old Wrigley Field in Chicago, that was awesome), and 25 picnic tables constructed by Eagle Point High School in 1996, with small plaques nailed to each, commemorating the exchange between the Elks Lodge and the students.

I had a vision. Bought it.

I started by tearing all the brush and brier down. We re-roofed, repainted and refurbished all of the outbuildings and barbecues. We revitalized the stage with reclaimed wood, new lights, and a sound system. Then, the real vision began.

There was no house on this new land, so we set out designing and building one 75 feet from the river's edge. This construction project can be soon on DIY Network as a show called Building Belushi.

It's pretty cool! Six episodes capture the stunning details of the remarkable reclaimed woods used in timber framing, which is mortise and tenon construction--no nails involved, just old time craftsmanship. Re-purposed wood beams that adorn the living room and kitchen were taken from an 1868 cotton gin in North Carolina. Rusted and corrugated metal roofs were, at one time, used to cap old barns from Missouri, Washington State, and Oregon herself.

As the list goes on, another piece of sudden magic appeared. There was a totem poll and a sweat lodge built for me by the Indigenous Americans (who I might add, would not accept payment), to honor the spirit of the Takelma people who lived there before me. The name Takelma means, "Those along the river." I hold sweat lodge ceremonies here which whip Mother Earth, Father Sun, Water Spirit, and Fire Spirit around our bodies to detoxify us from impurities tortuous to carry in one's heart.

I walked out of the sweat lodge one day dripping wet, drained, and in my own soul, I looked up to the sky and said to Dennis (who had worked the fire), "Look at the eagle!" Dennis replied, "Jim, why do you think they call it Eagle Point?"

Dennis told me profound healing happens here, and the Bald Eagles use the land to breed, filling the big Oregon sky with several generations of local fauna. I will forever be grateful for the gift these great men built for me and we thank them in each and every ceremony.

It is easy to say that Jim Belushi is invested in legal cannabis for the right reasons, and not to just print money like many of his other celebrity counterparts. Many famous people are content to just slap their name or face on a crappy product and sit back collecting royalties with absolutely no idea of the importance and power of cannabis in today's world.

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