The Definitive Guide To CBD

Brandless has all of your CBD needs covered

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CBD has billboards in Times Square, but most Americans still don't know what it really is. Is it just a placebo effect?

There's a lot to know. The online marketplace, Brandless is trying to break down these knowledge barriers by educating and informing about this massively beneficial substance. They only sell high-quality products at reasonable prices, so if you need a resource and top-notch CBD, head to their CBD marketplace.

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Here's everything you need to know about CBD oil (and how to get the best products).

What exactly is it?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is derived from the hemp plant. It will not get you high.

Is there THC in this?

There can sometimes be trace amounts! Check the spectrum:

  • Full Spectrum - less than 0.3% THC
  • Broad Spectrum - less than 0.1% THC
  • Isolate - No THC

At such small percentages, even a full-spectrum product will not get you high. It's included for a well-rounded effect. - the same way that indica strains of cannabis are more calming than sativa, the presence of THC can support and amplify the benefits of CBD.

Will CBD products get me high?

CBD products cannot get you high.

If you're still worried, go with a CBD Isolate - a NO-THC product, like Brandless' offering of Plant People's Stay Calm capsules.


CBD has been said to-

  • Ease discomfort and muscle aches
  • Supports feelings of calmness
  • Promotes a restful night

How do I take it?

There are multiple ways:

  • Tinctures - This is the bottle with the dropper. Hemp is distilled down to an oil for maximum absorption. You place a dropper's worth under your tongue, hold for 30 seconds, and swallow. This sublingual method is the most effective, because it gets into your bloodstream faster than other methods.
  • Balms & Topicals - For common aches and pains, massage the CBD topical or balm directly into the problem area to ease discomfort from muscle and joint aches.
  • Capsules - Ingest like you would any other pill. Because the CBD goes through your digestive tract, it can take slightly longer to take effect.
  • Other - There's CBD protein powder, chapstick, gummies, bath soaks, hair growth formula, sports bras, toothpaste...lubricant…. everything you can think of.

What should I look for when buying?

Look at the spectrum, the MG amount, and always look for a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Hundreds or even thousands of companies are starting to get into the CBD business, and finding reputable brands with Certificates of Analysis (COA) is the best way to differentiate the real deals from the scams, or the overvalued products.

How much do I take?

There's always a recommended serving on the package, but because everyone is different, it's best to start with a small amount and increase it until you find your desired effect.

What does it cost?

The average ranges from about $0.03 per MG to $0.25 per MG. What accounts for the range is supporting independent farms, using organic and sustainable practices, the method of plant extraction, the use of third-party testing, and the addition of other balanced ingredients, like ashwagandha to further promote calmness and relaxation or arnica for easing discomfort.

The higher MG per serving (the potency), the higher the price, in general.

If you're canna-curious, Brandless has the full rundown on each of their products - the method of ingestion, the THC level, the additional supportive ingredients, etc. Looking for a tincture to promote a restful night? A balm for easing discomfort? A capsule to help you unwind?

They've got it all. Check out their marketplace for all your CBD needs (there's even a protein powder!).

UPDATE: The awesome folks at Brandless are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link and enter code PLANT10 at checkout for $10 Off and Free Shipping on your first CBD order of $50+!

Use Code PLANT10 For $10 Off Your First CBD Order!

Some restrictions apply. See Site For Details.

Not intended as medical advice. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. If you have specific healthcare concerns or questions about the products discussed, please contact your licensed healthcare professional for advice

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Planet 13 Las Vegas: World's Largest Dispensary

Over 40,000 sf ft of fun!

On November 1st, Planet 13 opened in Las Vegas and now holds the title of "World's Largest Dispensary." (well, not really, they just call themselves that, but let's not nitpick)

Located near the Trump International, you can find Planet 13 at 2548 W Desert Inn Road.

What began with 16,000 usable square feet of retail space, has now blossomed into 40,000 square feet and includes several interactive installations for visitors. These installations include a 3-D projection room, a motion activated floor that lights up when you walk across it, and my personal favorite, the ability to write on the walls with a laser.

Developed by Larry Scheffler, a former councilman and his partner, Bob Groesbeck, a former Nevada mayor, Planet 13 is projected to cost a minimum of $7.5 million dollars and will be built in several phases. This complex will eventually be over 112,000 square feet of retail space in total and will include a coffee shop and a brewery on top of the already enormous dispensary.

As soon as you enter the front door of the dispensary you must go through the usual security checks. These include a metal detector or wand and search of any bags. The next step is to verify you are over 21 by showing your state issued drivers license or another acceptable form of identification.

Once you are through security, you will encounter the first installation which is a special floor (10x16) that lights up as patients walk across it, a feature which is sure to demand the attention of even the most veteran of stoners!!

To your left will be the dispensary room, which only has 3 walls, but still requires you to go through another security check (they have actual turnstiles, you must scan your admission ticket to enter).

As soon as you enter the dispensary room, you will be greeted by a friendly employee who is more than willing to take the time to show you around and help you figure out exactly what type of products will suit you best.

Keep in mind, there are limits to how much you can buy in the adult use market. If you are over 21, you may possess up to one ounce of dried cannabis flower, and up to 1/8th of an ounce of concentrated cannabis.


Pax Labs Raises $20 Million

Who would have thought a college experiment by two Stanford students would lead to a $15 billion vaporizer business?

San Francisco based startup, Pax Labs Inc., has raised $20 million in a special round of funding, and rumor has it their valuation has ballooned to over $15 billion.

In an effort to keep themselves lean on VC money, existing shareholders were asked to come up with the funds, and Pax was able to avoid giving away a large stake of equity. According to CEO Bharat Vasan "This is a deliberately small round, to avoid becoming overly dependent on venture capital."

In 2007, a small company named Ploom Inc. was formed by James Monsees and Adam Bowen. The goal was to make a sleek, and technologically advanced loose leaf vaporizer. At the time, it was described as for tobacco use only, even though it was clearly made for cannabis in its flower form (clearly a lot has changed in the last 11 years). The Pax was finally released and has been revised twice since then.

Pax 3

In 2016, the Pax 3 was released. On that same day, their newest device, called the Pax Era was released and Ploom Inc. became Pax Labs. The Era was designed specifically for use with cannabis concentrates. This device is almost an exact replica of the Juul, another massively popular nicotine vaporizer, also developed by Monsees and Bowen.

Pax labs has got a winner with the Era, which is used with pre filled pods that are available in dispensaries in select states out west. Users are able to control the vaporizer wirelessly through an app on any mobile phone. The app allows you to connect to the Era and set it a specific temperature. You can also monitor the battery life and change the LED lights to different colors when the device is in use.

Pax does not sell any marijuana or cannabis oil, but sells the empty pods to companies that fill them with their own oils.


Jimmy Buffett: Latest Celeb To Enter The Weed Biz

Rejoice! All you Jimmy Buffett fans out there, the "Margaritaville" singer has just announced the creation of the "Coral Reefer" medical marijuana brand.

Partnering with Florida based Surterra Wellness, Buffett has agreed to license his band name, "Coral Reefer", as a medical cannabis brand with plans to distribute its products through Surterra's entire network of stores. Founded in 2014, it has become one of the fastest growing cannabis businesses in the country and currently owns licenses to operate in Florida and Texas with plans to expand to additional states.

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Before You Take Another Pain Reliever, Read This

The word "inflammation" traces back to the Latin meaning for "set afire." As I've gotten older, my body and pain has changed. When I was young, I experienced temporary pain, occasionally from various injuries. But now, I'm living with chronic pain in my knees and joints. Simple tasks like climbing up stairs or driving can make my knees feel like they're on fire. I love taking my grandkids to the playground, but recently that's been tough to enjoy. I've tried everything: pills, hot packs, cold packs, over-the-counter and Rx meds. I've blended superfood smoothies and embarrassed myself in yoga classes, but nothing works. Prescriptions come with too many side effects and leave me feeling light-headed and nauseous.

Being busy keeps me happy and I'm not the type of person who can sit around all day and do nothing. When I started missing my daily walks and resenting the playground, my daughter suggested I try a CBD product. New to the market, they're catching a lot of buzz on managing pain. She recommended a brand called Sagely Naturals because they make easy-to-use products like lotions and capsules infused with CBD and other natural ingredients. This was something new, so I decided to give it a try.

Sagely Naturals is on a mission is to get people back to doing what they love most. They try to ease pain and relieve stress. Their CBD is sourced from organic and non GMO hemp. The hemp is grown and extracted at a facility that adheres to strict standards of operations.When I was young, I thought cannabinoids were just for hippies at Woodstock. But I've learned that CBD is a completely legal compound that can be extracted from hemp, kale, or even broccoli! Nowadays these products can be shipped to all 50 states. I was skeptical, but my daughter explained that there is absolutely no THC in Sagely's CBD products so I feel confident I'm not going to end up with any unwanted psychoactive effects. I had to ask these questions, but now I know there is nothing to worry about.

I started with Sagely's Relief and Recovery Cream, and I liked the comfortable feel of rubbing the peppermint-scented lotion on my hands. After a few weeks, the pain in my hands had lowered enough that I felt comfortable cooking meals for my family again. Then I started using the Relief and Recovery Capsules. I started by taking one in the mornings, and tried a few different dosages until I found the perfect balance for my unique body and pain level. The pills are the only things that have worked to minimize the pain in my knees, making it easier to get up and down stairs and feel independant again.

Now, I'm not afraid of the playground anymore. I love being able to help take care of my granddaughter, instead of my daughter always having to take care of me. Using the cream and capsules have become part of my morning routine. I also keep a small bottle of cream in my purse just in case I need it throughout the day. Sagely has given me the freedom to do all of my favorite things again, without chronic pain weighing me down.

Update: The team at Sagely Naturals is extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link and use promo code SAGE20 to get 20% off your order!


Action Bronson is back!

Queens native, rapper, and star of Viceland's hit show "Fuck Thats Delicious". Currently on tour, promoting the release of his new album "Mr. Wonderful". His TV show, which airs Mondays on Viceland and has been renewed for a 3rd season (and is already underway), features Action trying many different types of cuisine all over the world while consuming large amounts of marijuana concentrate oil.

Bronson's love for weed and expensive glass once took his show to the Mothership Glass Shop, in Bellingham, WA, This episode saw the creators of one of the most expensive and popular glass companies in the world, Scott Deppe and partner Jake. C, cook clams in specially blown borosilicate glass (check out that episode for free). Also known as "Mothership Clams Cioppino", Action was able to lend his culinary skills to both these borosilicate masters for what ended up being a mighty feast!

While filming his newest season, Bronson was simultaneously on tour performing songs from 'Mr. Wonderful". Bronson's smile is infectious as well is his love for food and marijuana, which is apparent when you see how much everyone he encounters loves him. One of the coolest aspects of this show is that it focuses primarily on small businesses in New York. Bronson really goes out of his way to showcase shop owners you would never even knew existed and it is obvious how appreciative they are when you see their reactions during filming.

If you haven't already, you can start watching Monday nights on Viceland or at viceland.com.

F*CK, THAT'S DELICIOUS - *Season 3 Sneak Peek*


A sneak peek at this coming season's F*CK, THAT'S DELICIOUS