Does Your Pet Hate the Sound of Fireworks on July 4th? CBD Could Be the Answer!

Learn How To Keep Them Safe And Happy Over The Holiday

It's that time of the year again! You don't need a calendar to tell you when July 4th is right around the corner; all you have to do is listen for the sound of rogue fireworks displays, which are known to begin popping up at least two weeks prior to the explosion-filled holiday.

This year Americans have seen an unprecedented amount of illegal fireworks being set off in almost every major city in the country. New York has been engulfed in firework chaos for the last few weeks, at a level most residents have never witnessed in the entire time they have lived there.

A quick search on Twitter is all it takes to find videos of NYC residents lighting thousands of dollars worth of fireworks in the park, some even more recklessly being set off from the rooftops of buildings. If that isn't crazy enough for you, there are multiple videos of people shooting bottle rockets at each other while running down city streets! Last week a building in the bronx had a fire on their roof that the FDNY recently determined was the result of someone shooting fireworks at it.

While some might see this as harmless fun and a welcomed bit of stress relief at a time when the U.S. is going through such turmoil, there is one subset of the American population that is not so happy with the nightly explosions, PETS!

dog hates fireworks

You may not be aware of this but common household pets like cats and dogs have very sensitive ears and as a result have a hard time being around loud noises. A dogs hearing can be up to 4x stronger than a humans, and while a cat has a similar range to a human they are much more sensitive to high pitched sounds.

It should come as no surprise to you that these types of animals hate loud noises like the ones produced by fireworks. Not only can the noise be loud enough to hurt their sensitive little ears, but the explosions can significantly increase their stress level which is very bad for their overall health. It is important that you are aware if your pet is in distress so that you can take the necessary steps to calm them and help them get through what could be a very traumatic time for them.

Signs Your Pet Is Distressed By Loud Noises:

  • Shaking and trembling
  • Pacing up and down
  • Panting Heavily
  • Drooling (more than normal)
  • Having unexpected accidents indoors
  • Barking more than normal
  • Destructiveness

Many pet owners choose to heavily medicate their animals with sedatives from their veterinarian, but you don't have to resort to such drastic measures. Those pills could cause them to sleep the entire weekend and suffer the consequences of the many potential side effects.

So What Is the Answer?

`One thing that people have been finding successful to calm their pets is CBD. It is non-psychoactive and can have a great calming effect when given to cats or dogs in moderate doses. Both cats and dogs have an endocannabinoid system just like humans and that means they can reap all the benefits CBD has to offer!

There are many different brands of CBD for pets on the market today and you should do a little bit of research before just giving them the first product you come across. When deciding on a product for your furry friend you should take in to consideration the ROA (route of administration) that will be easiest on them.

You can find CBD as a tincture, which would allow you to add a few drops to their water, food or even directly in their mouth. It can also be found in capsules or pills, which would allow you to place it in food (like a piece of cheese) so that they will eat it without hesitation.

Check out one of our more recent articles that can help you understand all the different types of CBD on the market.

What Else Can You Do?

There are other things that you can do for your pet besides CBD and sedatives. Here are a few to consider.

  1. Exercise - One of the best ways to calm down your pet is by tiring them out as much as possible. Whether you like to play catch, chase them around your home or just let them follow you while you work or do chores, this will help them sleep through the night.
  2. Safe Place To Hide - If things get really crazy and your pet is showing signs of distress it can be very helpful for them to have a safe space to go to. By taking a favorite blanket of theirs and placing it in a closet, under the bed or some other spot you know they retreat to in times of stress, it could give them a much appreciated escape if necessary.
  3. Stay With Them - At the end of the day, our pets are best friends for a reason. They want to be with you all the time, even more so in times of stress. Keep your furry friend by your side and let them know you are going to keep them safe.

To sum it up, pets are family members and very important parts of our lives. It is important that we care for them in the same manner we care for ourselves. If you know that loud noises and fireworks cause problems for your pet then it is important you take steps to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

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