What Is Green Wednesday?! The Fun New Cannabis Holiday Everyone Is Talking About

Find Out More & Celebrate Today

Move Over 4/20! There is a fun new way to celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend with your family and friends, and experience the best of what adult-use legalization has to offer. It's called 'GREEN WEDNESDAY!'

This year cannabis patients, advocates and enthusiasts all over the country are coming together and celebrating their first ever Green Wednesday. A holiday that is meant to celebrate all things cannabis and bring friends and family, both new and old. together with a common interest. The Sticky Icky.
Despite the fact that the plant is still illegal on the federal level, we are in the midst of a 'green wave' that is granting tens of millions Americans greater access to marijuana, whether it be as a medicine or as recreation on the adult-use level. Sounds like a reason to celebrate to me!
More than 200 million Americans now live in a place where they can purchase marijuana and as a result, use of cannabis is on the rise and taking the spotlight from other popular substances like alcohol. In fact, over the last five years major conglomerates have been scaling back their wine & alcohol portfolios in order to fund cannabis research to make infused beverages.
How Are People Celebrating?
Both medical dispensaries and adult-use shops are marketing Green Holiday like its Black Friday. They are having doorbuster sales and offering deep discounts on lots of popular products like flower, concentrates and edibles.
After stocking up on their favorite items, people can "light up" their pre-thanksgiving celebrations and spend time with people they might not get to see all year (hopefully with an appropriate level of social distancing and mask wearing! come on people).
If you plan on indulging in any edibles, make sure you read the label and remember that you can always take more! Also, please don't dose your annoying, high strung aunt who never shuts up, unless she asks! People who are naive, or beginners can have a strong reaction to the smallest amount of THC (the active ingredient in cannabis that give you a high).
It All Began With 420

One of the best parts of the cannabis industry is that it has found really innovative ways to become more mainstream and accepted all across the country, not just in the same places that have been hotbeds of marijuana tourism like California, Washington and Colorado but places with extremely archaic laws that have put people behind bars for life just for being in possession of the plant.

Companies like High Times magazine started to put on cannabis themed festivals with mainstream artists performing amid multiple open-air markets. The fact that these events took place, in spite of the fact that marijuana is illegal on the federal level, and have been allowed to continue every year, was a clear indicator that cannabis was here to stay.
420. A number that is well known in the stoner community as both a time of day that many like to partake in cannabis consumption and the actual date, April 20th, which has been marked as the ultimate stoner holiday for many years. Every year there are cannabis themed parties, festivals, and every kind of cannabis related product imaginable being consumed, paying homage to the all-mighty cannabis gods.
It would be hard to argue that as these celebrations became more widespread, and it became a cool, hip thing to participate in, that the 420 holiday hasn't played a major role in making the use of marijuana a more casual and accepted pastime.
How Legalization Has Made Cannabis Mainstream
In case you have been living under a rock the last few months, the cannabis industry has made enormous advancements, both in its ability to grow exponentially as well as further solidify a place in mainstream society in America today.
The 2020 election played a crucial role in much of the progress we are talking about now.
Through a combination of key legislative victories and successful ballot initiatives, five states were able to pass laws that legalize marijuana in some capacity. Bringing the total of states with cannabis friendly laws to more than 40! One thing is abundantly clear, the people of America have spoken and they want fair and equal access to marijuana for everybody.
Time to Celebrate
So, now that you have a little history on the advancement of the legalization movement over the last five years, you can help spread the word to family and friends as you celebrate this new amazing holiday, and help it continue to grow as we head into the new year.
If you live in state where recreational cannabis is legal. make sure to scour the internet for the best deals at your local dispensaries and relax in style this year.
Happy Green Wednesday, and Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at FindKarma!

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