Method Man Launches Cannabis Brand "TICAL" With Long Time Friend RedMan

He says he aims to increase black ownership industry wide.

Known best for his role in the iconic Brooklyn based rap group, Wu-Tang Clan, as well as acting in several hilarious comedies including "How High" and "Garden State", Staten Island native Method Man is making waves throughout the cannabis industry.

According to a recent press release in Bloomberg, Method man (real name Clifford Smith) has officially launched the first socially conscious cannabis brand in the United States, dubbed 'TICAL', an acronym that stands for "Taking All Lives Into Consideration." If this name sounds familiar, you might remember that TICAL was the name of Method Man's first solo album (1994).

After successfully raising $300,000 to get the business started, Method Man is hoping to pull in another $3 million in the next round of funding while the brand begins sales at its first four hand picked locations.

In partnership with his long time friend, acting partner and the second half of his rap duo, Redman, Method Man retained a 20% stake in the business and signed an agreement with Clone Guy Industries with the goal of developing unique strains for the brand.

Clone Guy Industries is a small grow operation that represents the type of companies TICAL aims to elevate in the cannabis community.

The first four strains to hit the shelves under the TICAL official brand will be "Cake", "Gelato", "OG" and "Punch", all enormously popular cannabis strains that are sure to be winners.

You might be asking yourself how this brand is any different than the numerous other celebrity owned cannabis companies on the market today. Actually, there is a big difference.

"Personally, it is essential that we use our brand to help bring awareness to the social, systemic and economic injustice in communities that have struggled with oppressive mass incarceration and racially biased policing policies."

Most recent data released by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) shows minorities, specifically African American males are four times as likely to be arrested for a marijuana related offense than any other group.

With the goal of increasing black ownership in the cannabis industry, TICAL will only be selling its products to black owned dispensaries, starting with four well-known shops located in California.

The first four stores to carry TICAL products are Blunts+Moore, Litco, Berner's On Haight and Empire and will be available starting this weekend.

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