How to Buy Legal Cannabis in DC

While the district technically has no retail shops, there are plenty of gifting services.

While cannabis is legal in the District of Columbia, thanks to the passage of initiative 71, a rider added to the federal spending budget prevents the city from opening dispensaries or other retail stores that sell products containing THC.

Luckily, there is a pretty straight forward loophole that allows you to buy legal weed in DC. The initiative allows adults (21+) to possess, grow, and share weed. That means that if you technically purchase a sticker or juice that comes with a free gift of marijuana, that's perfectly legal.

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That means there are plenty of weed gifting services in DC that will provide you with excellent quality products. Here is a limited list of some of the best weed gifting services, from GentlemanToker.com.

Many of these companies offer delivery or pickup (as long as you're in DC), but you can also find some storefronts that allow you to peruse the gifts and ask questions before deciding on one.

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