Denver Awards Cannabis Research License to Industry Powerhouse MedPharm

Groundbreaking research to combat Alzheimers Disease with cannabis.

In a groundbreaking announcement, MedPharm is now one step closer to beginning clinical research into the impact cannabis based medication has on Alzheimer's disease as well as other dementia related illnesses that affect cognitive function and memory.

Due to its classification as a drug "with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse," cannabis research has been virtually non-existent at the federal level and the research that has been done used very low quality examples. Today, some cannabis can contain upwards of 30% THC, and cannabis extracts produced can have purity levels above 90%. It is not a stretch of the imagination to believe it could significantly increase cannabis' effectiveness as a medicine when containing such high levels of THC, the main active compound in the plant.

The process to officially research the medical benefits of cannabis have not been easy and MedPharm has been subjected to a significant amount of red tape in order to get where they are today.

Having already been awarded a license to research the effects of cannabis based medication by the State of Colorado early last year, MedPharm needed to get approval from a local municipality before they could actually start any type of human trials in a clinical setting.

The City of Denver has awarded MedPharm a Research and Development License, which will allow the Colorado based research company to begin clinical trials on a small scale. According to their press release, MedPharm plans on beginning the study with as few as 30 patients, who are being recruited locally through a top rated neurologist. Currently. the plan is to conduct these trials over a six month period.

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One of the ways that MedPharm hopes to see cannabis based medication work is by improving and increasing blood flow to certain parts of the brain that are impacted by diseases like Alzheimer's. The first study will include dosing participants with gel caps filled with a mix of cannabis and other non-cannabis compounds that could help improve quality of life in Alzheimer's patients. Another group of the participants will get a placebo with the hope that results will show a positive effect on blood flow to the brain in those who get the cannabis-based gel caps.

Through hard work and lots of research and development, MedPharm has created high quality products that continue to help sick patients in need of relief which makes their ability to conduct meaningful research so important to the medical community. Their products can be found in licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in the State of Iowa.

Here are some of the MedPharm products that you can find at qualifying shops.

MedPharm is taking a huge step in the right direction for the medical cannabis community and sick patients all over the U.S. Hopefully, when they are successful with their trials and can shed light on to the many wonders of how cannabis positively effects the human body, the government will realize what a big mistake prohibition has been for more than 50 years and finally allow top scientists and research schools look into the science behind cannabis.

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