How Chris Cuomo Is Using CBD to Recover from Coronavirus

CBD isn't a cure for COVID-19, but it might help alleviate symptoms.

Newscaster Chris Cuomo is in the process of fighting trough coronavirus, and he's sharing his hard-won wisdom with the world.

The CNN anchor has been quarantining at his Hamptons mansion, where—in addition to the regular CDC-recommended practices—he and his wife Cristina have been trying out some alternative forms of medicine. According to her blog The Purist, Cristina worked with the energy medicine physician Dr. Linda Lancaster to craft a formula of herbs that included CBD. Lancaster is trained in "Ayurveda, medical radiesthesia, radionics, energy healing, nutrition, herbal medicine and detoxification methods," wrote Cristina. "She has relieved thousands of patients of parasites—worms, bacterial, fungal and viral—using natural protocols and homeopathics," Cristina writes.

"Dr. Linda kept her eye on what was happening in Italy (she is Italian); she got ahead of the curve with the help of her herbalist son, and started sending patients immune formulas to get their immune system in shape," she continues. "She also created a different formula for those who had already contracted the virus, by adding antivirals. The main one is andrograghis—a Chinese herb used for flu and viruses; the formula also includes olive leaf—which is antiviral and antifungal—and now oil of oregano."

In addition to this cocktail of herbs, Cristina also started giving her husband a nightly dose of CBD to help with the discomfort he was experiencing.

Here's the full list of Cuomo's holistic treatments, courtesy of The Sun:

  • Belladonna, for fever
  • Byonina, for a dry cough
  • Rhus tox, for aching in the muscles
  • Camphora, for shortness of breath
  • Respiratory Response—with Lomation for virus as well as olive leaf
  • OXO for oxygenation to 2 pills 3x a day.
  • Bryonia, for cough, 2 pellets
  • HOCL gargle, for throat
  • Briotech spray, for throat
  • OMO's Full Spectrum CBD to his nightly routine

  • Cuomo has also publicly discussed his own healing process. "When the fever spikes you just want to curl up in a ball and stay there for the next six, seven hours and you can't. You've got to bundle up your clothes, you've got to start drowning yourself in fluid," he said on air last week, emphasizing the importance of fluids and movement.

    It's extremely important to remember that although these cures can help, none of them are substitutes for social distancing, proper medical care, and the privilege to isolate and prioritize health.

    It's also important to remember that CBD is not a cure for coronavirus—there are no credible studies showing that CBD has any effect on the virus's progression through humans or animals. CBD can definitely reduce anxiety, and it might help with inflammation or sleep disturbances, both of which can be consequences of the virus.

    Sadly, Cristina was also diagnosed with the virus on April 15th. "This was tough for Cristina to get it," Chris said. "We have a lot of fear because we don't have a lot of facts." Their experiences have been very different. "She's stronger than I am. She's got a stronger immune system, a stronger constitution and a stronger character," he added. "She lost her sense of smell and taste, but no fever. She got a lot of sinus pressure in her head, a little bit of lethargy. And a little bit of residual frustration at me, because I'm almost certainly how she got sick."

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