Yes, a state representative of Utah live streamed trying an edible for the first time.

Also the State of Utah is voting on medical Cannabis, but everyone isn't noticing that since the video is amazing

On November 6th the State of Utah will be voting on allowing medical marijuana within their state. Obviously, the fact that the heavily Mormon and largely conservative state is even having this vote is solid evidence of Weed's larger adoption in society. Just from reading the ballot initiative, it is a bit hard to see where Utah's law would rank the state, as far as how easy it would be to get medical marijuana compared to other with medical marijuana. Would it fall into the category of California before recreational legalization? or would it fall into a more restrictive state like New York?

In the run up to a ballot initiative, state legislature runs a series of hearings to inform the public about how they should vote. It was after one such hearing that our intrepid hero, State Senator Jim Dabakis, decided he couldn't make an informed decision without trying it himself, allegedly for the first time. So that is just what he did. He drove to Las Vegas in Nevada where recreational use is already legal and tried an edible. Which according to him didn't taste that great.

Utah state senator tries marijuana on

He was also pretty sure that no other member of the legislature had tried Marijuana either. Which may have been him seeing is anyone would contradict him, which again in deeply Mormon Utah, nobody has yet. The first video he streamed was him trying the edible and then the next video was him when he was back in Salt Lake City none the worse for his experience. In between he went to Cirque Du Soleil, which makes us all think he get solid advice on how to spend a time being high and has also come out in support of the legislation. He also says that people shouldn't shoot up marijuana. Unclear if this was a joke or not.

As far as the fate of the vote itself, the trading market for the legislation is showing the consensus is that this legislation will pass. Utah is an interesting debate between a religiously conservative state that also is by and large in favor of smaller government. So this becomes a great test

He is also wearing a Red Sox t shirt. That is never really explained. Maybe it's because Massachusetts already is legalizing weed? Or maybe he just saw the classic stoner film Ted, and believed this is what you were supposed to wear while consuming weed. Maybe he was making a prediction on the world series and considering the Red Sox just won the series, hopefully that also bears well for the fate of this vote.

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