The Opioid Epidemic Is Raging During COVID-19, And New York Is Seeing The Worst Of It

Mental Illness and Domestic Violence Are Also On The Rise

People are starting to wake up to the fact that the lockdown could be more dangerous than anticipated. What began as an extreme, but necessary way to keep COVID patients from overwhelming hospital systems across the country has turned into a months long lockdown with no real end in sight. Even as some states rush back to reopen, it is clear that many people are still afraid of exposure and are opting to stay home as a necessary precaution.

Over the course of the last few weeks experts began to sound the alarm about the mounting consequences arising due to the shelter-in-place orders that many states still have in place today. Data shows that domestic violence, drug overdoses and suicides have been spiking, with an overwhelming amount of 911 calls placed each day to backup the claims.

Here is a report compiling opioid related data from various states across the country which highlights the severity of the impact of the pandemic on existing users of opioid related painkillers, heroin and fentanyl.

The isolation that is part of the pandemic has been testing the sobriety of many Americans and exacerbating the use of current addicts. Another major factor is that access to programs has been drastically reduced, with data showing far less people are being admitted to rehabilitation centers, making it much harder for those seeking help in curbing their addiction and battling any mental health issues they may be experiencing.

The amount of people using is not increasing but more users are experiencing overdoses and death because they are being forced to use at home alone.

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