Can CBD Cure a Hangover?

There are many reasons to hate hangovers–but no matter what you drank the night before, this extraordinary chemical compound may be a natural solution.

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Whether it was dinner and wine or a trip to the bar with some friends, we've all experienced the nauseating and persistent symptoms of a hangover. From bananas and bloody marys to miso soups and even burned toast, there's a long list of remedies that supposedly help after a night of drinking. Through a painstaking process of trial and error, many have turned to CBD. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of many chemical compounds found in the medicinal plant that has been revolutionizing the medical sector and winning over public acceptance.

Unlike the popularly known THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid — meaning it will not induce mind-altering effects. That said, you may be wondering how it can help combat that killer hangover? This isn't an exhaustive list, but here are just some of the ways CBD helps the body during that time when we swear never to drink again.

CBD Can Combat Inflammation

Whether your hangover comes with a pounding migraine or a few muscle aches, CBD can help to reduce inflammation. A study in The Journal of Experimental Medicine suggests that CBD can aid with inflammatory and neuropathic pain by targeting glycine receptors. This can alleviate symptoms of a hangover by reducing any aches or pains you may feel after a night of drinking. Additionally, inflammation regulation can ease migraines and headaches to help you feel more functional throughout the day.

CBD Reduces Nausea

Hangovers often lead to morning nausea and dizziness, making it more difficult to stand, eat, and function. Fortunately, a study in The British Journal of Pharmacology has provided evidence that CBD can relieve nausea and prevent or reduce vomiting. If you wake up with the spins, consuming some CBD may help you fight off those icky feelings before you start your day. CBD can also boost appetite by combating nausea, so you can access more foods that will help fight symptoms and raise your energy level.

Nausea usually makes it harder to consume things, so it's important to pick a CBD product that you'll be able to stomach. While they are effective, instead of consuming sugary CBD gummies opting for tinctures might be the better option. These CBD products, combined with coconut oil or natural flavors, are a go-to when it comes to hangover relief.

CBD Can Help with Irritability and Anxiety

While CBD primarily reduces inflammation and nausea, it also works to tackle your hangover from other angles. By regulating homeostasis, the cannabinoid can reduce associated anxiety and irritability from light or sound sensitivity. If you have trouble sleeping when you've got alcohol in your system, CBD can enhance comfortability and sedation to help you get a better night of rest or an afternoon nap.

CBD and Alcohol Use Disorder

CBD provides a number of benefits that can ease or eliminate your hangover, but the magic doesn't stop there! A study conducted by the University of Kentucky suggests that CBD can aid with the neurodegeneration caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Further research shows the potential of CBD as a form of pharmacotherapy for Alcohol Use Disorder by reducing the risk of alcohol impulsivity and relapse.

When the Party's Over

As we've learned, CBD works on a variety of symptoms and ailments to help relieve your hangover. Now, there's no need to fear when friends invite you to a Thursday bar crawl. You can splurge on that extra mimosa at Sunday brunch, knowing that CBD will aid you through the rest of the day. By surviving any bachelorette party, concert, or wine painting class, you'll improve your social life while maintaining your health. While alcohol and CBD may seem like an obscure pairing, instead of being hungover, you can enjoy the medicinal effects of CBD and have an easier time after a few drinks on the rocks.

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