Viceland Dominates Cannabis TV

Out of all the content and TV shows that Viceland chooses to run on its network, none are as important as Weediquette. Yes, it is a show about pot (put the bong down brah, this is serious!), but it is also about all the lives that are impacted by the plant.

The show doesn't just focus on patients, it also looks at the family members of those who are sick and need marijuana to treat their illness, while also touching on subjects like mass incarceration and immigration.

First premiering in February of 2016, Weediquette has now completed three seasons all hosted by Krishna Andavolu. You can watch full episodes here.

The reason this show is so important, especially right now, is that it shines the light on the real issues concerning marijuana. People are sick, and most live in states without proper and legal access to the medicine they need. Kids are sick and in most states, even ones with medical marijuana, don't have access to the medication they need.

Families are torn apart because of cannabis and the most famous case in the news right now comes out of Twiggs, Georgia. The Brill family has lost custody of their son, David, after treating his extremely rare seizure disorder with marijuana.

Unfortunately, there is a still a stigma when it comes to marijuana use in the United States and it has a real impact on the lives of many Americans.

Check out an exclusive preview of season 1, episode 1 below!!

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