Sharktank for Cannabis is back and this time on Amazon Prime

You can't order Weed on Amazon but you can watch it!

I am sure that every time you have watched Shark Tank you have thought the same thing, why isn't anyone pitching weed? I mean it makes a ton of sense. It's a booming industry with a series of proven products, which have at least in the past been shown to have amazing margins associated with them. Think about the questions these entrepreneurs field during the show about their passion for the product and how much research they have done on both the product and industry. The US is filled with Cannabis Entrepreneurs who have all of these things in spades (which is a bridge term which means having a ton, ask your grandparents).

Before you go to Hollywood with your idea for a new show aimed just at this concept, we regret to inform someone beat you to it in 2014. The Marijuana Show is Shark Tank, but only for Cannabis products. It was produced by Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull in New Mexico, both of whom have extensive backgrounds working in the television space, as well as theatre. Their work in the space is further evidence that as the Cannabis industry evolves it will be made up of a combination of people who came up in the industry, as well as newcomers with vast experience in other sectors.

The first two seasons were produced independently and distributed over the internet before reaching a deal with Amazon Prime Video, where you can watch season 2 and Season 3 now. With the move to Amazon Prime, the budgets and investments have increased and with funding for Cannabis startups still being confused by federal prohibition, this may be a go to destination for young entrepreneurs in the space.

Although viewing the rest of season 1 requires payment through their website, you can check it out here for free. Similarly, you can watch season 2 and 3 for free if you have amazon prime. You can also watch the first episode of season 3, if you don't mind trading your name and email address.

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