Review: PuffCO Plus

A great dab pen that packs a punch.

The PuffCO Plus is a small vape pen that heats and liquifies oil for you and allows you to smoke dabs without all the fuss of using a rig. Simply put the oil in the chamber, and you're ready to smoke. Since High Times recently rated this device as the best vape pen for cannabis concentrates, we wanted to check it out for ourselves. As we do with most vape pens, we rated the PuffCo Plus on affordability, design, heat control, battery life, and how it feels to smoke.


Coming in at $100, the PuffCO Plus sits right in the middle of the dab pen market. If money is a concern, there are certainly plenty of cheaper options (the PuffCo Pro is only $80), but conventional wisdom states that if you want a quality dab pen you should expect it to be around this much. That said, the $100 you'll spend on this pen is well worth it.

The design is sleek and intuitive. Just pack the wax in, hold the little cloud-shaped button down and inhale slowly. The only major design flaw is that the pen lacks a specific on and off button. Instead, you push the cloud-shaped button five times to turn the pen on and off. In order to change the temperature of the device, push the same button four times. It would have been nice to see a few more buttons, but once you've memorized these two patterns the device is extremely easy to use. After smoking, clean the melted wax from the chamber with a q-tip to keep it fresh for future use. Bonus: The mouthpiece acts as a carb cap and a splash guard simultaneously, preventing users from getting wax on their lips.

Design score: 8.5/10

Affordability score: 8/10

Heat Control

The PuffCo Plus comes with three separate heat settings. Green is low. Blue is medium. White is hot. Cycling through them is as easy as pushing a button four times, but the difference between the settings isn't quite as drastic as one might want. There is some disparity between the hottest setting and the lowest, but the medium setting doesn't feel much different than the hot setting. On a positive note, while many vape pens tend to get too hot and can burn your lips after prolonged use, this is not the case with the PuffCO Plus. The pen barely gets warm when you use it, and only really heats up around the fingertips.

Heat control score: 8/10

Battery Life

Like most vape pens, the PuffCO Plus is charged via USB, making it easy to replenish the battery on the go. The battery itself charges fairly quickly, and the device can be ready to go within 35 minutes. Unfortunately, it doesn't last terribly long, but it doesn't need to considering the fact that the pen is designed for THC wax. It isn't going to last for an entire smoke session between 10 people, but the pen will stay on long enough to get you as high as you could possibly want.

Battery life score: 8/10

Smoking Experience

Smoking this device is tricky, not in that it takes some great skill to smoke it, but because amateur smokers need to be careful not to overdo it. We at Find Karma advise you to take small, controlled hits when using the PuffCO Plus, lest you end up completely zonked. No this didn't happen to our tester. Why do you ask? No, you're projecting.

Overall, this pen is a treat to smoke, and gives users the opportunity to choose between ripping huge hits or taking it slow. The smoke comes out smooth, and the device does a pretty amazing job of imitating what it's like to hit a dab rig. For this alone, it's one of the best pens currently available for purchase.

Smoking experience: 10/10


From its intuitive design down to its incredible power, the PuffCO Plus is one of the most impressive dab pens around. While its heat changing options leave something to be desired, experienced smokers and novices alike will both be satisfied when hitting this pen. While the device could be improved by adding an on and off switch, its compact and aesthetically-pleasing design more than make up for it. The PuffCO Plus lets you inhale huge clouds of vapor without sacrificing taste or potency and it's a no brainer for people who prefer smoking wax to flower.

Final score: 9.5/10

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