Ohio MMJ Program In Jeopardy

Court ruling could delay September start

A recent court ruling could indefinitely delay the long waited rollout of Ohio's new medical marijuana program.

As per the guidelines of the new program, only 12 provisional licenses for level I operators and 12 licenses for level II operators could be issued.

A level 1 license allows you to run a grow operation up to 25,000 square feet and a level II license allows you to operate up to 3,000 square feet.

Once the businesses were chosen, they would need to have their grows inspected in order to receive a final certificate of operation.

The CO is very important because you need it before you can even have weed on the premises.

Indoor Grow operation ready to beginCredit: GGS Greenhouse

Due to a lawsuit filed by one of the companies who was not awarded a provisional license, the courts must schedule hearings to address the issues in the suit.

Previous to this decision, Ohio's medical program was slated to start on September 8, 2018.

One company in particular, Ohio Releaf, is suing to stop the issuing of the licenses until they have had a fair chance to explain in court why they are deserving of one.

Unfortunately, the needs of Ohio's patients will be put on hold while the court sorts out this mess.

A judge has ruled that a hearing must take place in order to affirm the 12 finalists before anyone can move forward.

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