Ohio Department Of Commerce Issues Cannabis Recall

Find Out Which Shops Are Affected!

Major Ohio Cannabis Processor Sells THC-Infused Chocolate Edibles Contaminated With High Levels Of Cadmium!

Before we get into the nitty gritty of Ohios's continually expanding medical marijuana program, there is an important announcement we feel obligated to pass along to our loyal readers. If any of you are in the Ohio area and are currently a cold-holding cannabis patient, listen up!

This week, officials issued a product recall that impacts close to 20% of all operational dispensaries across the state, but is only specific to one brand, Encore Edibles.

Pile Of Encore Edibles Part Of RecallEncore Edibles Dark Chocolate Indica

Encore Edibles, produced by Canton processor Mother Grows Best, failed one of the most important tests required for a product to be eligible for sale on the open market. Despite that fact, somehow their tainted goods ended up for sale in 8 dispensaries over the course of the last 2 months.

Lab tests conducted by the state showed high levels of a heavy metal and carcinogen called Cadmium, which is routinely found in the soil and water of gardens.

The problem is that both carcinogens and heavy metals can be absorbed by plants and as a result, can make their way into food products like these chocolate edibles.

The Ohio Department Of Commerce has yet to disclose how they were made aware of the violation, but said that the Encore Edibles (Dark Chocolate Indica) were distributed and sold in at least 8 out of the 51 dispensaries currently operating today.

If you purchased this product between Aug. 17th and Oct. 1st, you may have ended up with one of the tainted chocolates. See the bottom of this announcement for a detailed list of locations where the edibles were sold, as well as product ID numbers and all other relevant identifying information.

While this is the first time Mother Grows Best has been the subject of a recall, it is the 4th time for the Ohio medical marijuana program. Hopefully, this will be the last!

The Department of Commerce said that if you have this product, you should return it to the dispensary where you bought it even if it has been used*

*Part of the MMP program sets limits on how much medical marijuana you can purchase and possess, however returning these will have no impact on your ability to purchase a replacement. So if you are worried you won't be able to get more medicine, there is nothing to fear.

Affected Products & Locations They Were Sold

  • Have A Heart Cincy (Cincinnati): M00000078821; Batch Number 1A40701000020D1000001310
  • Zen Leaf (Canton): M00000078821; Batch Number 1A40701000020D1000001083
  • Pure Ohio Wellness (Dayton): M00000078821; Batch Number 1A40701000020D1000001219
  • Greenleaf Apothecaries (Akron): M00000078821; Batch Number 1A40701000020D1000001105
  • Ohio Cannabis Company (Coshocton): M00000078821; Batch Number 1A40701000020D1000001124
  • Greenleaf Apothecaries (Cleveland): M00000078821; Batch Number 1A40701000020D1000001137
  • Greenleaf Apothecaries (Columbus): M00000078821; Batch Number 1A40701000020D1000001191
  • Greenleaf Apothecaries (Canton): M00000078821; Batch Number 1A40701000020D1000001111
Considering how many cannabis companies are currently operating in the legal cannabis industry in America, it is really a miracle that we do not see these types of recalls all the time! Of course, with every new industry that brings CPG (consumer packaged goods) to market there is going to be a learning curve, some much steeper than others.

So far the biggest and most dangerous instance of tainted cannabis products was the vape cart crisis of 2018/2019. Multiple people died of acute respiratory illness that was linked to an additive in the carts called Vitamin E.

However, after further investigation it was found that the majority of the cases involved illegal/black market products and therefore can't really be blamed on the legal industry, where significant lab testing is required before anything can be sold on the open market.

What's the lesson here?
Just because you find a product in a state licensed dispensary, you shouldn't automatically assume it is safe for use! There are a lot of great resources available online that will give you an idea of who you are trusting and where the products you are buying came from.
One more thing to look out for when purchasing medical marijuana legally, QR codes! A lot of companies now place QR codes on the exterior of the packaging/part of the label, when scanned it will take you to a website displaying the results of all lab tests done on the product in your hands. It is not perfect, but you are in a much better position if you spend the time to verify an item before you consume it and put it in your body.
Last, but not least, according to the DEA there has never been a single recorded marijuana related death. IN HISTORY! What about alcohol, you say?! Well, it's funny you should ask, because according to the WHO (World Health Organization), over 3 million people die every year due to complications from alcohol consumption.
Keep this in mind when you head to the polls in 3 short weeks!

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