NYPD's New Cannabis Policy Is In Effect.

As of September 1st, the NYPD's newer, more relaxed policies towards cannabis took effect.

While marijuana still remains illegal in New York City, you will no longer be subject to arrest, under most circumstances.

The NYPD released a statement on their twitter account informing the public about the policy changes and what to expect under the new rules.

NYPD Twitter

Earlier in the year, a damning report was released by the New York State Division of Criminal Services, showing that 93% of all low level marijuana arrests were people of color.

The NYPD quickly tried to do damage control, claiming that they investigate reports of drug use fairly and that they treat all New Yorkers the same. However, a study of the arrest reports for the months of January to March, 2018 tell a different story.

Out of the 4,081 marijuana arrests that took place in NYC in those three months, only 287 of them were white people. Its hard to say that there is equal treatment of the law when you see facts like this.

These types of low level arrests are especially difficult because they can lead to people losing their public housing, financial aid and many other services they depend on.

During Mayor De Blasio's last campaign, he promised New York that he would put a stop to these disparities and end the nonsense surrounding our archaic marijuana laws. While serious steps in the right direction have been made, we are not there yet and we will not be satisfied until the last person has been arrested for simple possession of marijuana in New York City.

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