Best Ways to Do a Digital Detox

In honor of National Day of Unplugging, we're here to help you do just that.

Unplugging from everything is more difficult than people want to believe.

I'm not talking about deleting your Instagram profile like you keep saying you will, but completely disconnecting. The average smartphone user checks his device around 150 times a day, sometimes more, and when everything is so dependent on technology, it can feel impossible to get away from it all for a day. But National Unplug Day is a great excuse to distance yourself from the madness and get a break from it all, even if for just a few hours. Here are a few tricks of the trade to staying off your devices during these 24 hours.

Find Something (Else) to Do in the Morning

Make sure that your phone isn't directly next to your bed. It's common for many people to just roll over and check their phone first thing, but make sure to do something different. Try meditating instead, or write in your journal. Maybe even get up and cook yourself a well-deserved breakfast. Try not to look at your e-mail.

Put on a WristWatch and Evaluate Your Essentials

You're going to realize very quickly that your phone fulfills the needs of a few essentials throughout your day. Make sure to have a wrist watch handy, and plan your commute ahead of time if you have to head in o work. Also, make sure you bring a book, or something to keep your hands busy if you're sitting on a train in the morning.

Play Music

Woman listening to music on an ipod MP3 player

But not on your phone! Dig out your old Walkman or iPod if you're traveling; or, if you're at home, blast music on a pair of speakers so you can keep yourself from turning on the TV. Just because you can't look at screens doesn't mean you can't have fun! Make sure you have access to music.

Tune into Nature

Is there a path you've been meaning to walk, or a park you keep telling yourself you'll visit? Today is the day. Grab your essentials and head into the wilderness. Maybe try bird-watching or meditating in the grass. If you're with a friend, bring a ball or frisbee to throw around.

Go Drink with Your Friends!

Take a group of your friends and go off the grid. Head to a new part of town and get lunch, or try out that new bar you've been putting off. Make today a day about human connection!

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