MJBizCon 2020 Goes All Digital

The Show Must Go On...Line!

The Show Must Go On.....LINE!

  • Passholder Day Forums: Nov. 2-Dec. 1; Main Event Dec. 2-4
  • Keynote Speaker - John Mackey, CEO & Co-founder of Whole Foods
  • All Access Passes Start At $99
  • Free Basic Admission (limited) with proper registration
For the first time in its history, the largest cannabis business conference in the world has made the decision to go digital!
In light of the global pandemic, which doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon, executives behind the cannabis business industry powerhouse, MJBizcon, decided that there were too many reasons to move the conference online and not enough to risk an in-person event this year (also not sure that local lawmakers would permit such a large event, given the circumstances*).
*New data being reported shows that the daily average of new COVID cases has been at the highest levels since August, information that shouldn't be a huge surprise given that many states have totally removed shelter-in-place restrictions over the last months).
With the possibility of a vaccine on the horizon and several new effective treatments for the sickest of patients, many hope that a return to a more normal life is on the way.
While it is a major change, and kind of a huge disappointment (if you have ever gone then you know what I mean!), it is more important that the conference moves ahead instead of postponing it until next year like many large scale events have chosen to do recently.
What Does MJBizcon Do?
  • Create alliances, partnerships and joint ventures
  • Learn from industry leaders
  • Discover new products and services
What Is Being Offered?
Cultivators, Processes and Retailers
  • Trends, tech and innovation in plant-touching sectors
  • Focused roundtable discussions
  • Demos of products and services to improve operations
Hemp and CBD Industry Professionals
  • Latest regulations and legal landscape
  • CBD retail sector deep dive with peers
  • New cultivation strategies, products and services
C-Suite Executives and Founders
  • Discover how the election could impact your business
  • State by State and National insights and trends
  • Meet new partners, investors and industry luminaries
Investors and Private Equity
  • Risk evaluation tips for 2021
  • Applying lessons from the DotCome era
  • Pitch sessions
Scientists and Researchers
  • Finding product development and formulation stability
  • Nomenclature workshop
  • Maintaining integrity in a competitive landscape
Industry Newcomers
  • The best way to see and understand the whole industry
  • Meet and learn from more people than anywhere else
Global Professionals
  • Deep dives on European, LATAM and Canadian markets
  • Increase global supplier and partner networks
In order to truly take advantage of the flexibility that an online event affords them, MJBizcon is covering every single aspect of the cannabis industry and has dozens of different vendors lined up to share their experience and advise to both industry veterans as well as beginners.

One of the most anticipated talks of the conference will be given by the 2020 Keynote speaker, John Mackey, who is the current CEO and an original co-founder of Whole Foods! Personally, I find this crossover with a major CEO from mainstream America speaking at MJbizcon amazing. It shows just how big the industry has gotten over the last 5 years and is a good sign that cannabis could one day be accepted as an important medicine and valuable recreational asset.

If you are tight on money and are hoping to attend the event as a newcomer, or someone who is interested in learning more but not enough to spend $99, there will be free basic admission available for anyone that wants to check it out. All you need is access to the internet that is fast enough to stream the speakers.

Tickets can be purchased, in advance, through this link.

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