5th Ave Pot Shop?!

Weed business MedMen sees the future of cannabis in NYC

WIll legal weed be coming to the heart of New York City's shopping district?

One of the companies lucky enough to snag a business license here in New York, MedMen, has taken a leap of faith by opening a dispensary in one of the most expensive retail areas of New York City. Located at 433 5th Ave, MedMen shares the block with department store giant, Lord & Taylor.

Co-founders Adam Bierman and Andrew Modlin both run MedMen today, which currently operates 12 locations throughout California, Nevada and now New York. Founded almost a decade ago, there hope is to continue expanding and leading the industry at a time when exponential growth is occurring in the retail cannabis market.

Medmen's New 5th Ave LocationCredit:

In what looks more like an Apple store, selling fancy computers and smartphones, MedMens 5th ave location is open to the public, vending medical marijuana to registered patients and seeing a lot of foot traffic everyday.

Although recreational weed is not legal in New York, MedMen believes that it is only a matter of time before it joins the other 9 states that passed measures legalizing marijuana in recent years.

Because of the laws of New York's medical marijuana program, the only offerings available at the 5th ave location are vape pens and drops. These items are not strain specific and come with names like "Calm", "Harmony" and "Sleep".


You do not need a medical license to enter a dispensary in NY and it is definitely worth a look!

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