Luxembourg: Legal Weed Is On the Way

Country hopes to become 1st in EU

2018 has been a tremendous year for cannabis around the world. From the opening of the adult use market in California on January 1st, to full legalization in Canada this past July, this latest news extends its reach further across the globe.

Luxembourg's new incoming government has indicated that they will push for legalization during the next legislative session, which means the laws could be passed and on the books at some point within the next five years.

Unlike many other countries/states with recreational marijuana laws, Luxembourg does not plan to allow non residents to purchase cannabis when the adult use market eventually opens.

In California, Colorado, and Seattle anyone over the age of 21 can purchase cannabis within the legal limits set forth by the state. These relaxed programs have created "pot tourism" that generates millions of dollars every year, an aspect of the cannabis industry that Luxembourg is trying to avoid.

While marijuana laws are relaxed in Europe, none have legalized recreational cannabis yet making this move by Luxembourg monumental for the region. By creating the first adult use market it wIll certainly force a lot of its neighbors to rethink their policies.

Last week, the World Health Organization was supposed to unveil its recommendations for the rescheduling or reclassification of cannabis at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, but it delayed its presentation for undisclosed reasons. This delay could signal a reluctance to ease worldwide restrictions on marijuana. Others believe the anti cannabis lobby is fighting hard to keep the laws unchanged.

Currently, Canada and Uruguay are the only two countries in the world with legal marijuana.

This news comes on the heels of a June 28th vote to legalize medical marijuana in the country, a position that aligns it with many of its European Union counterparts. Due to supply issues, Luxembourg has to import the medicine from Canada in order to meet the demands of its patients.

As of now, medical marijuana has been approved for those that are dealing with sickness from chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain, and can be prescribed by any doctor that has been through the required training.

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