Kevin Smith is 'Playing' a Drug Dealer on TV

Although we feel he may have done some solid research over the past few decades

Since High School, I have prided myself on my ability to name all of Kevin Smith's movies. Sadly, I can still do that since he stopped making movies right around the time of my graduation. However, Smith did not stop making content.

Over time, it has shifted from being focused on what fans geek out about to one of the geeks doing the geeking out on. These have included such titles as Comic Book Men, Geeking Out and Spoilers with Kevin Smith.

However, with "Hollyweed", Kevin Smith returns to the world of fiction. The pilot finds him running a medical dispensary in Hollywood and has him selling to an insane cast of characters. The majority of which are most likely going to be his celebrity friends who are free to shoot that day.

The model for the show is pretty interesting, Smith has made the pilot and put it up for free and 'asked people' to let him know how interested they are in it. This is just another way of asking his potential audience how much money are they willing to pay to stream it. The proposed price range is from 1.99-5.99 an episode. The higher people are willing to pay, the higher the budgets will be for the episodes they shoot.

For the Cannabis aficionado, the pilot is fun, in part, because Kevin Smith has been researching the topic heavily for a long time. He throws in a ton of random factoids about Cannabis throughout the episode, the same way Marvel movies are filled with Easter Eggs for the comics. If the show gets the green light, I am guessing the education will continue.

Check it out below!


Hollyweed Pilot episode

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