Jimmy Kimmel Proposes rebooting Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, the right way!

It can't be worse than Roseann!

In the original plot for Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Jane Seymour played the first female western doctor (as opposed to Native American healers) in the Colorado territory. Colorado is of course still a home to trailblazers when it comes to their early adaption of sensible Cannabis legislation. It's only fitting that Colorado should be home once again to Trailer-Blazers when it comes to Cannabis.

So in our new version of Dr. Quinn she is using a time tested treatment (Cannabis) to treat a variety of ailments. Which ailments you may ask? Oh, just your standard back pain, anxiety and... Cholera? Weirdly, if you google Cholera and Cannabis, you find a link to a study from 1978, saying Cannabis use may increase your susceptibility to the effects of Cholera. Come on Jimmy Kimmel, do your research!

The piece is worth watching mainly for the unbelievable and awesome list of strains Seymour presents with her amazing accent. These include: Molasses OG, Ghost Town Sativa, Montana Wowie, Elder Berry Dream, High Noon, Calamity Mary Jane, Doc's Holiday, Cornbread Kush, Sour Gold Rush, Yellow Fever Widow, Pineapple Pony Express, Wyatt Herbal Haze, Cactus Thunder (Bleep), and Mag-Spliff-cent seven. It must have been so much fun being in that writers room.

Check it out below!

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