Review: Grasshopper Vape Pen

For discreet pot smokers.

Grasshopper pens come in several different colors, and were created as an attempt to balance affordability and quality– to create a vape for experienced smokers looking to vape dry herb without breaking the bank. We tried it to see what all the hubbub was about and broke down our rating of the device into five factors: Affordability, Design, Heat Control, Battery Life, and Smoking Experience.


The vape pen we decided to try, was the stainless steel version, which costs $225. At this price, the Grasshopper is neither cheap nor expensive. It occupies the exact middle of the vape market. The bargain here however, is that you can purchase a lifetime warranty for your Grasshopper, and since they're built with either stainless steel or titanium, they're guaranteed to last longer than cheaper aluminum or plastic pens.

The pen's design is very intuitive. Its chamber is remarkably easy to clean and can fit around .3 grams of dry herb, and even when it's stuffed to the brim, you can still use it effectively. The vape also uses a system of flashing and solid LED lights to tell users different things. For example, red blinking lights mean it needs to charge, solid red light means it's heating up, and blue light means it's ready to smoke. For an added dose of coolness, the pen's charger is a magnet that can attach to any USB enabled wall charger.

Affordability score: 7.5/10

Design score: 9/10

Heat Control

The Grasshopper's heater is 45W and generates a considerable amount of heat for its size. It's powerful enough to get your weed ready to smoke in a matter of seconds. On top of this, there's a dial at the top that controls the heat at which the weed is vaporized, giving users an unprecedented amount of control over the way they smoke. Unfortunately, the device does tend to get extremely hot after prolonged use . It does come with a silicone mouthguard to prevent you from burning your lips, and it's not as if it's so hot that it's unbearable, but it certainly isn't comfortable. This is most likely due to a combination of the vape's high propensity for heat and its stainless steal design. If you're paranoid (as I am) because you've heard the stories of vape pens exploding, it's best to use the pen in small doses, turning it off between hits.

Heat Control Rating: 6/10

Battery Life

The batteries for the Grasshopper are a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, they charge extremely quickly, and can get the pen ready for use in under an hour. That said, the battery life leaves something to be desired. It's not as if it dies so quickly that you can't get high, but even when fully charged, the Grasshopper doesn't seem to have enough juice to be passed around the room and smoked in a group setting.

Battery Life Rating: 6/10

Smoking Experience

Any prior gripes in this review are washed away by the experience of smoking this wonderful little machine. The hits can be subtle or strong, depending on the smoker's preference. Because of this measured approach, the Grasshopper gives users the ability to really choose how high they want to get. Too often when you're smoking from a bong or a bowl, you take a hit that's too big and end up bumping into the stratosphere. With this pen, this is no longer a problem, as you can take extremely small and controlled hits that are guaranteed to get you wherever you're going. The pull is smooth and with the heat knob, the vapor can be adjusted to whatever temperature you prefer. This is the pinnacle of weed smoking technology.

Smoke experience rating: 9/10


The Grasshopper vape pen has a lot of really great features, and it definitely outshines many of the other vapes in its price range. The battery life isn't that great, but the design, smoking experience, and adjustable heat knob more than make up for it. The real concern, is the heat level. This pen can't be left on for prolonged periods of time, and it's our recommendation that you turn the pen off between hits in order to prevent the mouthpiece from getting too hot. Still, if you're looking for a sleek, effective vape that's reasonably priced, the Grasshopper is a good choice. There are pens that are better, but most will cost you more.

Overall score: 7/10

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