Facebook Eases Restrictions On Cannabis

In what is a major development for the cannabis community around the world, Facebook announced today that they will no longer block marijuana related searches on their platform.

This decision affects all verified accounts, not just those in Canada.

Currently, a restriction has been in place for close to a year on any terms related to the controversial plant, the most common being 'cannabis' and 'marijuana.'

Canada is less than a week away from debuting its long awaited adult use market, so the timing is more than just a coincidence.

Initially, the decision was made by the social media giant after it discovered users were selling drugs on its platform.

"We are constantly working to improve our search results so that we minimize the opportunity for people to attempt illicit drug sales while showing content that is allowed on Facebook and is relevant to what you are searching. When searching 'cannabis' or 'marijuana,' pages that have been verified for authenticity will now be included in search results.' - Facebook spokeswoman Sarah Pollack

Whatever the reason, this is huge news for the community at large, and we can only hope that they will continue to change their view on cannabis.

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