What's the Most Economical Way to Smoke?

Sometimes, you have to smoke on a budget.

Your bank account's dangerously low. You had to bail on drinks with your buddies because you need money for groceries. Worst of all, your supply of weed is dwindling and you have no means of replenishing it. We've all been there. In dire times such as these, it pays to be frugal and to cut any and all unnecessary expenses. That said, this doesn't mean you can't make the most of the small amount of weed you have left. With so many methods of smoking, from bongs to joints to bowls, it can be difficult to determine the best way to smoke on budget. With that in mind, we've compiled an ordered list, ranking these methods from the least cost effective to the most. Just because money is tight doesn't mean you have to give up smoking entirely.

Blunt or Joint

Joints and blunts are the two most decadent items on this list. Consequently, in this writer's mind, they also provide the best smoking experience. Unfortunately, according to a recent study, the average amount of weed that goes into a single joint is .32 grams. A blunt can have as much as two grams in it. The traditional way of smoking tends to burn a lot of weed very quickly.


Somewhere between a bowl and bong, bubblers are an often forgotten smoking instrument. Unlike a bong however, their stem cannot be removed. Because of this, bubblers are harder to clean, and weed has a tendency to get lost in the shuffle. On top of this, it takes a decent amount of weed to fill a bubbler up for optimal use.


If money isn't a problem, bongs provide a fantastic smoking experience. Unlike bubblers, their stems are removable and easy to clean. The issue is, bongs tend to run on the bigger side and it can take a decent amount of weed to properly pack them. Another issue, is cherrying. When a bong (or bubbler) is lit, the weed tends to keep burning even when you aren't smoking it. If you're trying to conserve weed, this is a huge problem.


Bowls are great. They're simple, they come in a variety of sizes, and they don't necessarily have to consume all of your weed. Unfortunately, there's still the problem of cherrying. It's also worth mentioning that any smoking device that has a bowl burns more weed than is necessary to get you high.

One Hitter

One hitters are a fantastic option for making your weed last. As their name implies, one hitters allow you to accurately control the amount of weed you smoke. That said, don't be fooled. Just because it's only one hit, doesn't mean they can't get you extremely stoned. As Ted Danson once said, "These one hitters should really be called three hitters."

Vape Pen

One hitters are great, but the best way to economically smoke is by using a vape pen. Not only do these pens work wonders at conserving weed, they also give smokers an unprecedented amount of control over how high they get. This is because hits from a vape pen are typically much smaller. If you're strapped for cash, using one of these pens is your best option.

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