"Cooking On High": Netflix Debuts Cannabis Cook Off Show

In an attempt to join the ranks of networks providing Cannabis themed entertainment, Netflix recently premiered "Cooking On High", a show similar to Iron Chef, but with a marijuana twist! (Season 1 can be found on Netflix today)

Dubbed "The first ever competitive Cannabis cooking show", episode one begins with the host, Josh Leyva (@JoshLeyva), giving us a quick run down of the format, as well as a short introduction of both celebrity judges. The first judge, Ramon Rivas (@BlazerRamon), is a comedian in California. The second judge, Modsun (@modsun) is a rapper, also from California. These two judges are tasked with officiating a themed edible cook off, with the secret ingredient (which is always WEED!).

The contestants are each given 30 minutes and a specific theme that they are required to follow. Once the time limit is reached, they must stop cooking and present whatever they have to the judges. Each judge can award a score out of 10 (1-10), bringing the total possible score to 20 (what a weird way to score!!). After a winner has been decided, the "Golden Pot" is then awarded. The trophy is literally a golden pot, another strange but hilarious aspect to this show.

I won't ruin the rest of episode 1 for all of you who intend to watch it, but I can say I was entertained for the entire 14 minutes (yes, lol, I said 14 minutes) that the episode ran.

One thing worth mentioning, it already looks like the judges are feeling "engaged" by the time the show starts, I wonder how they could possibly differentiate between the dishes and their potency/culinary merit. I guess they are much less concerned with how well the edibles work vs. how they taste and are presented (They do take a "THC" timeout, but don't mention how long it is before they begin judging). Nonetheless, it is a fun, lighthearted show and should be treated as such. Don't sign up for Netlflix thinking "Cooking On High" is going to turn you into the Bob Ross of Edible marijuana!!

Check out the trailer below:

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