How To Make Your Anxiety Monster Shut Up Already

I have a confession to make -- underneath my pencil skirts and manicures, masked by makeup and highlighted-hair, lives not a woman, but an anxiety monster. For the most part I love my life. After a few years of trying and failing, I've carved out a career path I'm be happy to walk down. I've got wonderful friends who always have my back. Logically, I know my life looks pretty good, but there's this ugly anxiety monster that lives inside me who rears his head, planting doubt and making me feel insecure. I often feel like all my responsibilities feed the monster too. And then he shows up whenever I most need mental clarity, sabotaging my best efforts.

After years of battling the monster, I've finally found a way to manage him. CBD is a natural, non-psychoactive plant compound that helps turn down the volume on my anxiety monster by working with my body's Endocannabinoid System to regulate mood so I can leave the battlefield and get back to living life. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about CBD, so let me set the record straight: it's completely legal in all 50 states, and it's naturally found in many healthy foods like kale and broccoli. My brand of choice is Sagely Naturals, because they're committed to natural products and only source their CDB from non GMO hemp. Their Tranquility line is specifically formulated by PhD chemists to help relieve stress and has changed my life for the better. To explain how CBD works for me, I want to share a story from last week, when a job interview at my dream company was almost ruined by my anxiety monster.

As all busy women know, your day doesn't start in the morning. It starts at night, where a good night's sleep prepares you physically and mentally for the day ahead. Unless you're feeling anxious, in which case you might be familiar with the uneasy hour. Mine is 3 AM. Like clockwork, at 3 AM my anxiety monster comes out to play and I lurch awake as it pokes me incessantly like Facebook users or yore, saying Did you remember to send that email? Check RIGHT NOW!! Is it going to rain tomorrow? Check RIGHT NOW!! Will you ever achieve true happiness? Not if you don't make a 5-year financial plan, sign up for a new dating app, get a gym membership, drink a kale smoothie, and learn to meditate RIGHT NOW!!

The wheels in my brain turn and turn for hours, and if I'm lucky I'll get back to sleep around 5:30, just in time for my 7 AM alarm. No amount of coffee can make up for poor sleep, and I spend the whole day sifting through fog with concrete blocks around my feet. To turn that anxiety monster down a few notches, if I know I'm feeling particularly anxious about something, or have a big day coming up, I'll take a Tranquility Capsule before bed. I've worked it into my night-time routine. Wash my face, put on pajamas, take a tranquility capsule, read a chapter of my book, and lights out. It's not a sleeping pill, it just makes the anxiety monster shut up, so I can spend 3 AM dreaming about The Titanic Leo and The Revenant Leo fighting over me while I eat calorie-free chocolate on a cloud.

So, the morning of my interview I wake up with a refreshed brain ready to tackle any question the interviewer can throw my way. Good start! I carefully apply makeup, rehearsing answers to potential questions in the mirror. I put on the business casual outfit I picked to match the office culture (not too stuffy, put together, just a little hip), put my coffee in a to-go mug, and leave the house five minutes early. High-five self! Killing the morning game.

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