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Doing the deodorant thing – particularly during the summer – is something most of us make part of our daily getting-ready routine. Whether we swipe or spray, protecting our pits is a morning must-do. Some people use the standard brands while others opt for all-natural alternatives, but the intention is the same…to smell and feel fresh.

Now that CBD is being infused into nearly everything, it's no shock that deodorants are seeing their day in the sunshine, so to speak. While it may seem like an odd pairing, the benefits are evident. CBD has antibacterial properties while giving the endocannabinoid system a boost, so applying it to the underarms isn't all that unusual once you think about it.

If CBD deodorant is something you're interested in trying, these five brands below are worth a shot. You're going to use deodorant anyway, so why not pamper your armpits in the process?

Mender Deodorant

For those who don't want to use chemicals to stay dry and smell clean, Mender Deodorant is a smart and safe choice. Sure, one stick costs $16.00, but the pros are worth the price. Chock full of organic essential oils, baking soda, arrowroot (for its antiperspirant qualities), shea butter, and hemp-derived CBD, this deodorant is silky to the touch and keeps you feeling fresh for hours. No artificial ingredients ever go into Mender, so you can feel confident with your choice.

Kb Pure Essentials All Natural CBD Deodorants

Forget chemicals and get an all-natural underarm treatment with Kb Pure Essentials All Natural CBD Deodorants. Like Mender, the prices aren't comparable to your usual drug store finds, but these CBD-infused products are extra special. Choose from unscented, lavender coconut, lemon verbena, or cool melon, and give your pits the pleasure of organically-grown CBD along with pure fragrance oils. You'll get the perks of CBD daily, while keeping odor and wetness at bay all day.

Honey Rose Botanicals CBDeo Lavender Fresh

Feel as lovely as lavender with Honey Rose Botanicals CBDeo. This non-toxic deodorant is made with organic CBD along with antimicrobial essential oils. The deodorant comes in a cardboard container, making the recycling factor another feel-good add-on. This $25.00 tube isn't cheap, but when it comes to chemical-free deodorant alternatives, products like Honey Rose Botanicals are a luxury you can live with.

Herbal Amy CBD Deodorant Stick

This one's a bit less expensive than the others featured, but the 50mg CBD per stick is anything but chintzy. Herbal Amy claims to be safe for all skin types, and the aluminum-free formula is important to those minding their health. The naturally-grown Oregon hemp is effective in neutralizing odors along with other ingredients including clay, arrowroot powder, cocoa butter, and beeswax. Essential oils make the deodorant smooth and smell great. For protection that's pure, Herbal Amy is your armpit's wingwoman.

Sacred Biology CBD Deodorant

Smelling great is something sacred, so let Sacred Biology be your path to pleasant pits. Their CBD deodorant is average in cost compared to the others, and the formula promises to keep you feeling fresh and smelling sweet. Mineral clays, vegetable powers, essential oils, and, of course, 50mg CBD round out the ingredients, without any artificial dyes or chemical-based perfumes. If you prefer to use products that are organic and still work well, Sacred Biology is one to buy.

CBD is going to take over your bathroom vanity. Give a CBD deodorant a try and see if you feel better while getting the benefits of deodorant you already do.

For more CBD-related content, Find Karma is the place to peruse. Come back soon and get your CBD fix.

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