Why CBD Is The Best Natural Alternative To Pain Meds

After many years of being active, I recently started to experience signs of inflammation in my hands and body and began using typical over the counter treatments, which included many different types of NSAID pain relievers. One of the big problems with relying on these pain relievers is that they can be harmful to your body and have been known to cause side effects with prolonged use. Despite knowing this, I continued using these pain relievers because I knew no other natural- but still effective- alternative. When a coworker saw me struggling with the pain and inflammation in my hands, he asked if I'd ever tried CBD, and when I began to reach for my trusty stash of Advil, he told me that I had to check out a company called Sagely Naturals.

Sagely Naturals specializes in CBD-infused products, developed by expert chemists and extracted from US-grown hemp. There are many marijuana-derived CBD products, but what makes Sagely Naturals different is that they use CBD from the hemp plant, taking additional steps to remove the THC, to ensure no psychoactive effects or any high associated with marijuana. Where NSAID pain relievers typically provide temporary relief, CBD actually helps alleviate the pain rather than just providing a short-term solution. This sounded exactly like what I needed.

Turns out, over the last decade, there have been significant discoveries concerning cannabis and its medical uses. Researchers have found over 100 compounds in the plant, and one of them, CBD, can provide powerful pain relief and can be used to alleviate the symptoms of many different types of ailments from back pain to seizures, improving the quality of life of many people across the country.

I decided to go for the topical cream called Relief & Recovery which helps ease and reduce symptoms like muscle and joint pain, as well as inflammation. The Relief & Recovery line contains CBD extract, essential oils, and cooling menthol. I also decided to try the Relief & Recovery roll-on, in hopes that it'd be a sufficient replacement for my gigantic sized bottle of NSAID pain relievers.

Skeptical at first, I began using both products on top of my usual pain relievers and methods. But even after the first few applications, I began to feel relief. The cream feels a bit like an all-natural version of Icy Hot because of the peppermint and menthol and the combination helped with the inflammation and pain in my hands. As I started feeling the benefits of the CBD, I began to discontinue my daily use of NSAID pain relievers in favor of these newly found CBD products. Now, instead of waking up and slathering myself in Icy Hot and chowing down on a half bottle of Advil, I am able to better control my symptoms using both the Relief & Recovery Cream and Roll-On from Sagely Naturals.

Update: The team at Sagely Naturals is extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link and use promo code SAGE20 to get 20% off your order!

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