Edible Dinner Parties Are Here To Stay

"Kosher Kush Cooking"

In case you haven't already heard, Viceland has a show called "Bong Appetit", which is devoted to intricate cannabis themed dinner parties and sees the host, Abdullah Saeed, consume marijuana in as many different forms of food as possible. Each episode features a renowned chef that has been brought in to cook traditional meals with a cannabis twist.

With the show poised to make a comeback in 2019, premiering its third season, I thought we would take a look two of my favorite episodes to date. Late in season two, episode 19 called "Kosher Kush Cooking" aired and it completely changed my view on edible marijuana. This episode featured award winning Jewish Chef Joan Nathan, who put together an amazing cannabis infused Shabbat dinner.

One of the reasons this episode stuck out to me is because of how it highlights the ease with which marijuana can become mainstream. I knew it was possible to infuse cannabis into many different types of food, but never imagined I would see an entire Shabbat dinner made with weed.

You can watch this episode for free here.

The next episode is part of Bong Appetites web series "Munchies" and sees the host of the show, Abdullah Saeed in Colorado, having been invited to a "stoned shabbat dinner" and the opportunity to tour Rosenberg's bagels, an authentic New York bagel store that also makes cannabis infused treats.

After meeting Rosenberg's Bagels owner, Josh Pollack, Saeed gets to try noodle kugel, matzo ball soup, and beef brisket, just to name a few. I think that the most impressive infusion in this episode has to be the infused gravlax (cured scandanavian salmon on top of fresh bagels). Watch the full episode below and get ready for another season of elaborate cannabis infused meals on Viceland.

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