Denver Offers Cannabis-Centered Entertainment

For the stoners who want to get off the couch...

Looking for something fun to do where you can be active and get high? Many cities with legal recreational use of marijuana have begun to offer activities that involve the consumption of cannabis, but Denver is miles ahead of the rest. The variety of weed-related events, activities, and classes in the area is quite impressive.

Of course everyone has heard of Paint & Sip events, where you can paint with your friends while drinking wine or other alcoholic beverages. Now, there's an opportunity for us stoners to have the same fun. These parties are called Puff, Pass & Paint where attendees gather for two hours to let their creative juices flow. Similarly, the same company, Colorado Cannabis Tours, also offers Puff, Pass & Pincushion and Puff, Pass & Pottery, attracting artists of various mediums.

After art, the next most popular activity is classes for smoking while cooking or for learning to cook with marijuana. They range from broad courses, like Intro to Cooking with Cannabis, to specialized, such as the Sushi & Joint Rolling class offered by My 420 Tours. These type of classes are generally just a few hours rather than an ongoing course, but you can leave with some delicious edibles and a ton of new knowledge.

The following two companies, Colorado Cannabis Tours and My 420 Tours, are the most prevalent of these businesses in Denver. Each one offering many tours that allow consumption on a passenger bus while visiting spots around Denver and surrounding areas, including outdoor destinations such as Red Rocks or Garden of the Gods. With the increase in cannabis tourism, it is no surprise that entrepreneurs are taking advantage by creating targeted events for those visitors. Multiple companies offer 420 friendly rides from the airport, providing a safe space for consuming marijuana as soon as you land in the state. One even offers the option of a limo if you prefer to ride in style.

If none of that appeals to you, you can also participate in cannabis yoga, bingo, and other activities. I'm personally dying to try a cannabis massage! Using a variety of cannabis-infused lotions, these massages or other spa treatments are the height of relaxation.

As all of these events and classes are considered private, so the consumption of marijuana in these spaces is completely legal.

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