​CBD-Powered Skincare You're Gonna Love.

High-quality CBD + The Science of Skincare

Have you heard of Prima's beauty range? Well, if not, listen up cause it's blowing the minds of every beauty and skincare fanatic. Yes, it's that good!!!

Prima is a gorgeous company that strives for better overall wellness, with quality ingredients from nature that create meaningful products. Primas products are guided by nature but backed by science. They utilize the science of nature to deliver amazing CBD products that actually work.

CBD is a powerful natural ingredient from the hemp plant, and Prima's doctor-formulated products have unlocked so many more potential uses of CBD, and beautiful glowing skin is one of them.

Here are just 5 reasons why you need to try Prima's CBD skincare range:

CBD is a potent skincare ingredient that restores balance to your skin in so many ways. It can help clear skin, may have an anti-aging effect and its soothing, calming effect means it is suitable for all types of skin.

Prima is 100% clean, meaning all their products are made with naturally sourced ingredients that are not toxic or harmful. No fillers, no petroleum derivatives, no fluff.

Prima rigorously tests all ingredients and uses the best-in-class 3rd party ISO/IEC-accredited laboratories to ensure every batch of their products for consistency, quality, purity, and potency. You can even enter your Prima products batch number on their website to view its full potency results.

Prima only creates products that are purposeful with impactful formulas. Two of their skincare products have even gone through extensive clinical testing to prove the efficacy and results. The amazing results are a testament to that.

And most importantly, all their products are vegan, plant-based, and cruelty-free.

Prima's mixture of CBD and powerful botanicals has created a new wave in the beauty industry. The Afterglow Deeply Restorative Cream, Enlightenment Serum and Night Magic Oil have us reinventing our skincare regime to get real results. Try one or all of them today and see the power of CBD to make your skin glow.

Ready to Be Your Best Self? You Have 30 Days to Try Prima & Fall In Love, or Send It Back - No Questions Asked! PLUS Free Shipping on Orders Over $75!

This is a real testimonial. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Let's See What People Really Think Of Primas CBD Products!

CBD is becoming a huge trend in the health & wellness industry. There are so many brands out there, not to mention so many different ways to use CBD to benefit your lifestyle. After a lot of research, our editors have discovered a brand that stands out in a very oversaturated market: Prima.

What really sets Prima apart from other CBD brands is the number of different products they offer. They're not your usual CBD brand that just offers a few tinctures of different strengths. Nope, they have amazing skincare and topical creams.

Their skincare range is all about clean beauty and also contains ultra hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, botanical oils, Vitamins E & K, natural fatty acids, and more that restores balance to your skin and gives it exactly what it needs to be at it's best.

The consensus we've reached after reading tons of reviews of all of their products is that they really work. Prima is definitely a superior brand in the CBD space. Here's what some customers are saying about their products:

Enlightenment Serum - "Definitely another winner"

"Definitely another winner. It absorbs quickly and smells pleasantly unique. I'm so hooked on this brand…" Stephanie B

Night Magic Intensive Facial Oil for Hydration & Radiance - "A staple in my skincare routine now"

"I absolutely love this product! I love the calming and soothing qualities it brings out in my skin. my skin is hydrated glowing and beautiful looking this is definitely a staple in my skincare routine now that I've tried it" - Kristin C

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Bath Gem Effervescent Mineral Soak for Relaxation & Recovery - "Moisturize better than anything I've ever used"

"The bath gems are my favorite Prima product. They moisturize better than anything I've ever used. My skin looks and feels awesome for several days after using one. A great boost for both my mood and skin when both are in need of some extra TLC." - Danielle M

R+R Cream Advanced Recovery Rub for Soothing Comfort - "This is amazing!"

"This is amazing! Perfect for my shoulders after a long day at work. Thank you Prima!" - Brandi P.

Skin Therapy Ultra-Rich Body Butter- "I love this body butter!"

"I love this body butter!! I have super sensitive skin and tend to be dry, but I hate oily lotions. This product is the perfect solution for me and I will definitely be buying it again!!"- Carly B.

The Afterglow Deeply Restorative CreamDeeply Restorative Cream for Youthful Radiance- "Go.Get.This.NOWWW!

"Go. Get. This. NOWWWW! This is the Holy Grail of face cream. Not only does it have amazingly pure CBD, it also has the Hyaluronic acid we crave in our products!! Definitely will continue to use and use and use! #complimentary"- Sommer D

It's really no surprise that customers are so impressed with The Prima products when you read about how much their products are backed by science and continually tested to guarantee quality and potency. Prima's CBD is tested 5 times during the harvesting, extracting, purification, and manufacturing process.

We'd recommend Prima products to anyone who's looking for an honest CBD comapny or who just wants to improve their wellness regime.

Ready to Be Your Best Self? You Have 30 Days to Try Prima & Fall In Love, or Send It Back - No Questions Asked! PLUS Free Shipping on Orders Over $75!

This is a real testimonial.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Does Topical CBD Really Work? My Review Of Prima CBD

An honest review of Prima's Topical CBD products

I've always suspected I was more anxious than most, but the mandatory work-from-home order proved it true.

Competing with my boyfriend, Tom, for the good desk chair, trying to tend to my super needy cat, and checking in on my bestie who's a nurse left me so drained by nighttime.

I was doing everything I could, but I was still so stressed all day, and my shoulders have been killing me- it was really starting to affect me. My friends and I had our weekly Facetime call, and one of them suggested CBD for its calming properties, but I was kind of over the hype.

Tom had bought CBD oil from a gas station before - I was worried at first they'd get me high, but they ended up just doing nothing (by the way, CBD products can't get you high anyway).

I asked Tom about it, and he told me about a few brands he knew about. I looked online, but there was so much information I was overwhelmed. The last brand he mentioned, Prima, probably had the most calming website and a great range of products.

The packaging was beautiful, but I didn't know how to trust all these brands since they were all so new.

After a night of barely sleeping, I thought I'd take another look at Prima - one thing I liked was that CBD wasn't the only ingredient - their range of skincare and topical creams are amazing, and contain ingredients like Shea Butter, Jojoba and hyaluronic acid.

I also found it weird that most places sell tinctures, but they don't - I was intrigued, but skeptical of their R+R Cream Advanced Recovery Rub. It's made with Eucalyptus and Menthol, and contains 750mg's of broad spectrum CBD. It's designed to soothe your body and help relieve discomfort.

I was still on the fence about trying it, and then I saw that they test their batches of CBD 5 different times before it arrives in its final form, so it's not stronger or weaker than they say it is, which apparently is a big problem in the CBD world.

High-Quality CBD
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They also use broad spectrum CBD so there's less THC than full spectrum, and the products are designed to support a more holistic wellness.

The packaging was so gorgeous and they have a 30-day free return policy, so I thought, sure, why not? Shipping is free over $75, so I'd try a couple things and send back what didn't work for me, or give it to a friend.

I was even more skeptical of the skincare products, but my skin has been so dry lately, so I added the Enlightenment Serum to my order too. It's packed with vitamins and antioxidants, and designed to give you skin a boost of hydration.

When they arrived, I panicked that nothing would work and it would all be a waste and I spent too much money and I realized that wow, with this much stress and doubt, this was the perfect time to try this.

Before bedtime, after my shower, my shoulders were aching, so I rubbed in a little of the R+R cream. It had a tingly, cooling sensation and smelled amazing.

Within about half an hour, the tension in my shoulders began to ease, and I have to say, I slept better than I had in a long time that night. A little really went a long way, so I was happy to know that the tube would last longer than I thought.

When I woke up, I felt great- well rested and ready to take on the day. I went about my normal skincare routine and tried the Enlightenment Serum. I was surprised by how non-greasy it is. It aborsoded into my skin so well, and left it feeling super hydrated. It also helped reduce some redness I have been experiencing.

I don't know what I expected with these products, but I definitely didn't expect them to work as well as they did. After trying both for the last few weeks, I feel very much like myself, just calmer, more relaxed, and my skin is glowing. My eternally aching shoulders have even felt a lot better!

I recommended Prima to all my friends, and definitely want to try more of their products in the future. With Prima's wellness products, the chaos in our apartment (and in the outside world) feels just a little more manageable.

Ready to Be Your Best Self? You Have 30 Days to Try Prima & Fall In Love, or Send It Back - No Questions Asked! PLUS Free Shipping on Orders Over $75!

This is a real testimonial.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Which Brand Makes The Best Topical CBD Products?

We compared Prima, Charlottes Webb, and Plus CBD to find a winner

Everyone has probably heard of CBD. But what really is this powder, oil, gummy, or cream we are being sold?

The use of CBD has become very popular for many medical and personal purposes due to the anti-inflammatory benefits combined with the absence of psychoactive effects. The research into CBD continues and the promising results have led to an explosion in the CBD market.

This competition is good news for consumers, but it also makes navigating this novel industry difficult. And with a lack of FDA regulations, the industry has become notorious for its lack of transparency and efficacy. A recent Leafreport study found that 27% of leading CBD brands products don't contain the dosages that are indicated on their labels.

To help make your CBD decision a little easier, we decided to try the top contenders to see how they measure up! Here's our review of Prima, Charlotte's Web, and PlusCBD topical products.


If you are looking for all-round wellness, then Prima is the brand for you. Prima's mission is to deliver mindful wellness to its customers through their products.

They offer three skincare products (from $42-$96) that restore balance, radiance, and hydration to your skin. Their topical hemp products include the R+R Advanced Recovery Cream ($55) for recovery and relief along with Skin Therapy, an ultra-rich body butter ($38) for dehydrated skin. They even created a mineral-infused Bath Gem ($16) for the body, mind, and senses. And what really sets Prima apart is their high-end skincare range for anti-aging that's clinically tested and proven to be effective. It includes their award-winning Night Magic oil ($42), Enlightenment Serum ($88), and AfterGlow Restorative Cream ($96). With potent hemp and powerful botanicals this skincare range is a real disruptor in the clean beauty industry.

At first, we were apprehensive about the hemp skincare and creams. Would they really work?

Yes! The Prima products not only worked for us but they all felt luxurious, and you could feel how high-quality the ingredients are in the products.

Prima also provides great information about the powers of hemp, the science behind their products, and the meaning behind all their products along with clear ingredients lists and their sources.

Their hemp is tested 5 times throughout production to ensure purity, potency, and safety. It is also tested by independent 3rd party facilities. We can see why they were awarded their B Corp Certification, they're a truly ethical and transparent company.

High-Quality CBD
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Charlotte's Web

Most of us knew of CW, so we're very excited to try their products. They offer a cream ($39.99), cooling gel ($39.99), and balms in the form of a roll-on ($14.99), stick ($39.99), or tub ($20.99). All of their topicals contain 300mg of hemp per ounce, delivering the same relieving effect in different forms. Their hemp is continually tested and ensures that no toxic ingredients are used and that their products are free of 8 major allergens.

As excited as we were about trying CW, we were overwhelmed by their site - there are a lot of products! It looked like the same product multiple times, with not much difference between many of their products.

After purchasing a balm stick, a roll-on, the cream, and the gel, we tried them out and found that some of them worked and some of them didn't. This made us wonder if Charlotte's Web had diluted their effective product line with lower quality ones just to expand their product line. As customers, we were a little confused and disappointed by the range in quality.

Plus CBD

This website will have you singing the That '70s Show theme song!! It's such a throwback, we love it. Their promise is that their products deliver "happiness" because it is the right hemp. Despite the playfulness of their website, it is very informative about how hemp works in the body, what it really does, and how we can benefit from using it.

Their topical range offers roll-ons in 200mg ($27.99) and 500mg ($49.99), balm in stick form ($22.99), and in a tub ($29.99) and Grapefruit and Lavender lotions ($29.99). Everything offers relief to sore muscles and joints. The hemp in PlusCBD is grown from EU-certified hemp seeds by farmers with a long unbroken history going back centuries of cultivating the highest quality hemp on their fertile soil.

With such a fun ethos we really wanted to big up Plus CBD, but sadly their products didn't have much of an impact on any of us. We agreed we would finish off the products we bought, but none of us would repurchase them.


So which products would we definitely repurchase? Simple, Prima. We all easily found which product was the one for us and the best part was that it actually worked really well! All three brands promise that their hemp is the highest quality and with the cleaning purest ingredients, but Prima must do something different.

Prima also adds so many other powerful botanical ingredients to deliver a holistic whole-body wellness experience in their products. Their doctor-formulated science-backed clean formulas optimize the therapeutic potential of plant compounds to harmonize the body, inside and out.

They make meaningful CBD products with a purpose, with truly high-quality hemp and clean ingredients- that's what the industry needs and what customers are searching for.

Ready to Be Your Best Self? You Have 30 Days to Try Prima & Fall In Love, or Send It Back - No Questions Asked! PLUS Free Shipping on Orders Over $75!

This is a real testimonial.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Here's A CBD Company That Has Something For Everyone

I'd been curious about CBD for so long. I kept hearing about all it's benefits, but the market was so crowded I had no idea where to look. Until I discovered Prima. I instantly knew Prima was unique from all the other CBD brands I'd seen, it had so many different products for different benefits, as opposed to just one tincture with different strengths.

Plus, Prima uses only the highest quality CBD grown in the US that is rigorously tested 5 times for quality, purity, and potency. They strive to develop your overall wellness by utilizing the science of nature to deliver amazing CBD products that actually work.

For me, the best thing about Prima is its R+R recovery cream, which delivers soothing comfort for whole-body recovery. When I saw all the amazing 5-star reviews it had, I ordered it instantly. This is exactly what my aching neck and sore legs needed.

When it arrived it fitted in perfectly with my nighttime routine. Before bed, I use a pea size amount of cream on areas where my muscles are temperamental or that I know will be angry in the morning! My post leg day fear is totally gone!

My colleague, Jennifer was so curious about it, she said she would love to try CBD but didn't know where to start. When her birthday came around, I knew exactly what I was getting her - Prima. She loves skincare and I saw Prima had three skincare products, the Night Magic facial oil, the Enlightenment Serum, and the Afterglow Cream. All three contain broad spectrum CBD along with other amazing potent blends of beneficial oils and active botanicals. Every single ingredient in their skincare is clean and non-toxic each product is doctor formulated, and often clinically tested. The Night Magic oil is award-winning so I had to get her that and I added in their cute bath gem for only $16 that soothes the body and mind, ease stress, and soften skin.

Premium Hemp Products
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When she received her Prima delivery, I couldn't wait to hear her thoughts on it. Fingers crossed the skincare is as good as their recovery cream. I was a little nervous as she is very fussy about her skincare and has pretty much tried every brand. She was surprised she had never heard of them and that I had!

She kept me informed on her progress over the next few days, she initially loved how it felt on her skin and how it made her skin feel. After a few weeks of using the oil every night, she said her skin has never looked so good. It completely balances my skin while hydrating and brightens my complexion, it's amazing!! - was her final review.

She even bought herself the Enlightenment Serum, a belated birthday present to herself she called it! We both didn't realize how much of a difference adding CBD into our lives could make to our body and skin.I'm so glad I found Prima, and I'm even more glad I got to help a friend out by introducing her to Prima.

Prima has truly harvested the power of CBD in so many ways, that they have a product for everyone. I'd recommend checking them out if you're interested in CBD related wellness, or if you know someone who's always wanted to try it out.

Ready to Be Your Best Self? You Have 30 Days to Try Prima & Fall In Love, or Send It Back - No Questions Asked! PLUS Free Shipping on Orders Over $75!

This is a real testimonial.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


NJ Approves Cannabis For Home Delivery During COVID-19

All 11 dispensaries are allowed to participate!

The New Jersey State Department of Health has finally approved medical cannabis delivery, a long awaited move that is intended to better serve those patients who are unable to leave their home due to medical reasons or because they feel unsafe traveling to an ATC (Alternative Treatment Center) during the COVID-19 crisis.

By issuing a waiver, the Department of Health has given blanket approval to all 11 state licensed medical cannabis dispensaries, also known as Alternative Treatment Centers, who will be able to use their employees to deliver medicine to any patients who have gone through prior evaluation. Each delivery must follow a strict set of guidelines and will be on an appointment only basis effective immediately.


The only requirement for each Alternative Treatment Center to begin delivery is the completion of newly established paperwork with the Department of Health. Once the set of documents has been completed and submitted, deliveries can commence.

Here are the guidelines as written by the New Jersey State Department of Health:

  1. To help patients acquire medicinal marijuana safely and reduce trips to ATC's during the public health emergency, as approved by the Department, an ATC employee ("ATC Delivery Employee") may deliver medicinal marijuana to qualifying patients and designated caregivers on behalf of an ATC at their home addresses
  2. Orders shall be placed in advance, and products shall be labeled in the ATC prior to an ATC Delivery Employee making a delivery.
  3. Products shall be locked and stored in a secure lockbox in the vehicle used for delivery ("Delivery Vehicle") until an ATC Delivery Employee arrives at the delivery address.
  4. An ATC Delivery Employee shall lock the Delivery Vehicle, the lockbox, and equip the vehicle alarm system when conducting a delivery, or when leaving the vehicle for any other reason.
  5. Deliveries may be conducted by a single ATC Delivery Employee provided, however, that another ATC Employee, preferably a supervisor has access to real time GPS tracking of the Delivery Vehicle.
  6. ATC's shall only deliver to the physical addresses that are verified in the Patient Registry, and shall only deliver to verified patients and caregivers.
  7. ATC's shall not leave product unattended (i.e. on a porch or stoop), shall not deliver in mailboxes, shall not deliver to P.O. Boxes, and shall not deliver to any addresses on federally owned property.
  8. At the door of the patient or caregiver, an ATC Delivery Employee shall conduct an in-person visual verification of the registry identification card of the patient or caregiver prior to dispensing, which may be conducted without handling the card, for example through a window.
  9. An ATC Delivery Employee may make multiple deliveries in one trip, and shall travel only between the ATC premises and delivery addresses, except in the event of emergency or dangerous road conditions or as necessary for sanitization, rest, fuel, or vehicle repair stops.
  10. All transactions shall be appropriately logged in the registry and ATC inventory in accordance with N.J.A.C. 8:64-9.3, N.J.A.C. 8:64-9.9, and other corresponding rules.

New Jersey is not the only state to allow delivery. As of today, patients can order medical cannabis for home delivery in Nevada, Oregon, and California. Dispensaries have had a rough time throughout the crisis, many of whom were robbed and completely destroyed during recent riots, but the addition of home delivery to the program will definitely help keep some treatment centers in business for the foreseeable future.