From Skeptic To Subscriber: My Reluctant Journey With Hemp Oil

How Feals products finally helped me

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Listen, it takes a lot for me to make a big purchase. I go back and forth, leave the website tab open on my browser for a week, and then just forget about it and never buy the thing.

So when one by one, all my friends started getting into hemp oil, I rolled my eyes so hard. That stuff was NOT cheap. What even was it?

One said it made her feel "less stressed." Um, okay. Placebo effect, girl. My brother's friend was using it to get to sleep, and my boss's boss had a bottle of it on her desk. Everyone was claiming it relieved their ailments, and I'm way too logical to believe that, so I decided to do some research.

Hemp oil is known to support decreased pain, stress, and sleeplessness due to the plant's anti-inflammatory properties. Why not just take some turmeric and call it a day?!

Or was it the opposite, and everyone was running around high all the time? Nobody seemed stoned, so I looked it up and that's the one thing every single "guide to hemp" agrees on: this won't get you high because it's not a psychoactive element.

On Monday when I went into work, I was first in the office, so I looked at the bottle on my boss's boss's desk. It was a happy, retro shade of orange with a cool font that read " Feals."

I looked up their website to see what was in a bottle, and it contained coconut oil and full spectrum hemp oil along with less than 0.03% of a mind-altering compound. Would this get you high??!

Their FAQ was pretty detailed — apparently trace amounts are present in "full spectrum" hemp products, and help support the calming effects. Maybe this stuff actually does help.

Something that I've tried to help de-stress is meditation. I read a self-help book earlier this year to help focus my goals and I found meditating to be helpful, but I couldn't get into the zone for more than like 2 seconds. The only way I could see myself using this product was to actually try it with meditation. If I could just de-stress a little bit, I'd be able to look more inward.

Then, I saw something that made me actually consider purchasing the product — Feals offered a $20 Flight of Hemp Oil. I'd never seen anything under $50 in any guide I read.

They have 3 strengths, and offer all 3 in the Flight, so you can try them before you make a larger purchase. I decided to take the plunge!

When my Flight arrived, it came in a pretty white box. I opened it up to reveal the 3 golden oil vials and instructions. I still didn't fully trust it and I need to stay sharp at work, so I waited until the weekend to try the lightest dose. I placed the dropper under my tongue, held for 30 seconds, and swallowed, like it suggested.

I went back to collecting data for a work presentation that week, when after maybe 20-30 minutes, I felt different.

Just, relaxed. Like I'd just gotten back from a Caribbean vacation, but without the sunburn. I inhaled deeply. I exhaled deeply. I went back to work.

At work, my presentation went great! I hadn't stayed up too late fiddling or worrying about how I was going to speak on it. I think I'm more high strung than I thought!

Later that week, I went to the DMV, so I tried the medium potency dose (80 MG) . I didn't feel high at all, but when an hour went by and my spot in the DMV line had barely moved? I was chill as a cucumber. I started meditating and became the happiest person there.

My favorite me was DMV me, so I ordered a bottle of the medium-strength oil, for when I needed a little relaxation, joy, and focus.

With Feals, I was able to really listen to my body's needs with the Flight, and respond by finding a potency that enhances my life, but didn't alter it.

I went from thinking this was a total crock, to proudly displaying it on my desk, and telling everyone about the Feals Flight. Also, with and without it, I've been able to meditate up to 20 minutes now without fidgeting!

It's only $20, so that's all you have to lose if you want to try hemp oil. I'm so glad I found this.

Update: The folks at FEALS are extending a special offer to our readers! Sign up for a membership and get 30% off your order, every time!

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